When is the best time to honeymoon in the South Pacific?

This is a busy honeymoon planning season at My Vacation Lady’s office.  We’ve been getting requests for a bit more exotic destinations than usual and most are for the South Pacific.

Over Water Bungalows at the St Regis Bora Bora

Over Water Bungalows at the St Regis Bora Bora

The most popular requested island chains in the South Pacific are Tahiti (or French Polynesia) and Fiji.  The Cook Islands are starting to get a bit more attention now, as well.

The weather in the South Pacific is typically balmy year round with average daytime temperatures in the 80’s but there are actually 2 seasons— Summer and Winter.  They are however, reversed from our seasons and certainly don’t fluctuate in temperature as much as they do in the mainland United States.

With that being said, our summer months (with a bit of spring and fall – so about May- early November) is peak season in Tahiti, Fiji and the Cook Islands and it’s also the peak wedding season.  So when you might be concerned about hurricane season in the Caribbean, it’s actually the best time to honeymoon in the South Pacific.

If you are planning a honeymoon to Tahiti or Fiji in our summer months, book as early as you can since the airfares sell out quickly.  We hate to disappoint our honeymooners set on a certain resort in Fiji that only has 20 rooms but those type of properties sell out quickly.  It is now early April and if you are still looking to book your summertime honeymoon in Fiji, you might need to be a bit flexible on the resort and the type of accommodations.

My Vacation Lady visited Tahiti in December 2013 and while it is during their off season, it was still quite busy and the weather was lovely.  We did experience 1 rain storm in the evening but the rest of the time the weather was balmy– in the 80’s, sunny and a bit on the humid side.  The beauty of traveling during off season— rates are considerably lower.

The downside though, according to Donna Heiderstadt on  About.com is:

During the off-season in the South Pacific, the more humid summer months of December to March, showers can be sporadic (typically late-afternoon and overnight) and there’s usually plenty of sunshine. However, the South Pacific is subject to seasonal cyclones, which are most likely to occur from December to March.

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