When should you take a mini honeymoon?

As an award winning honeymoon specialist, My Vacation Lady has been getting calls from honeymooners from all over the country, as well as honeymooners that we have met at some of the bridals shows that we do locally.

Recently, we have spoken to a number of couples that are thinking of taking a smaller, shorter honeymoon and waiting until later for their “big honeymoon”  until they have more time or more money.  We realize that not everyone can go to Tahiti, Hawaii or Italy for a 2 week  honeymoon right after the wedding.

When should you consider a smaller, shorter honeymoon and save the “big honeymoon” for later?

  •  You work in a school and your wedding doesn’t match up with school vacations.
  • You’re paying for the wedding yourselves and need to save more in order to get the honeymoon of your dreams
  • You are getting married in the “wrong season” for your dream honeymoon destination.
  • You have school or work obligations that don’t allow you to take off the time that you want for your dream honeymoon.

So let’s say that you are going to wait until your first anniversary to take the “big trip”, what can you do right after the wedding?

How about:

  • 3 or 4 nights in a resort destination that isn’t very far away (maybe Bermuda, Miami, Las Vegas or San Diego?)
  • take a short cruise.  Some depart on Mondays which may work with your wedding date
  • Go to a B&B for a couple of nights
  • Go to a nearby city and have a few days in a wonderful city hotel.
  • Treat yourself to a couple of nights at a resort within driving distance that has a nice spa and treat yourselves to a couple of days of post-wedding pampering.

When should you start planning your big getaway?

Let the wedding celebrations end and settle into married life.  About 9 -10 months before you want to go away for your belated honeymoon, contact My Vacation Lady to schedule your honeymoon consultation.  Every honeymoon that My Vacation Lady plans is designed around your dreams and budget.  We can’t promise that we can get you to Bora Bora in an over water bungalow for a week with airfare from the NY area for $5,000 but we will do our best to help you find a honeymoon that you’ll love within a budget that you an live with.

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About the Author:

Mindy Gilbert of My Vacation Lady has been helping clients, just like you, plan their dream vacations, cruises and honeymoons since 1994.