Why you should plan your summer vacation early

Just recently, My Vacation Lady‘s office has been buzzing with last minute requests for vacations.

passport_stampsThe 3 that stand out most in my mind are a mother and daughter vacation to Greece to celebrate the daughter’s 21’s birthday.  Jane was recommended to My Vacation Lady by a honeymooner who used our services and thought that we could help Jane plan this vacation after her daughter finished her college semester but before she started working at her summer job.  That didn’t give us a very long window of time to work with.  Her 2 choices were Memorial Day week or the week fo June 8.  Sounded pretty easy but when we really started delving into options that might be available in Santorini, Greece, we were coming up short.  Jane wanted a cliff side hotel in Santorini- one where they could sit on their terrace and see the caldera and volcano.  Unfortunately, the hotels that we were used to working with were completely booked up. After checking dozens more, there were only super expensive ones available or ones that didn’t get the best reviews.  This is typical in an area when the hotels have 25 or so rooms, on average.  We were able to find a lovely hotel in town, just a short 2 minute walk to the cliff side and we hope that Jane and her daughter will have a wonderful vacation.

A long time client just switched jobs and had 1 week to take a vacation.  I was working with the wife plan this getaway with just a week’s notice.  They decided on an all inclusive resort in the Riviera Maya.  They paid for the vacation when the bride realized that her passport was due to expire in 1 month. Mexico requires that your passport is valid for 6 months post travel.  They were set to leave on Monday and on Thursday, the client made an emergency appointment with the passport bureau in Philadelphia to get it renewed.

A groom contacted our office on April 24 for a honeymoon on May 14.  Yes, May 14 of this year.  I couldn’t personally work on it since I was working with other clients but one of our team members tried to help. The flights that he wanted were sold out, the choices in hotels were limited.  The room categories that he wanted were sold out.  Is this the way you want to start your honeymoon—- booking what is left over?

There are always reasons why you might need to book your vacation at the last minute but if there is any way of booking early, you might get:

  • better airline flights/connections
  • airline seat assignments
  • more hotel choices
  • more room category choices

When is the best time to book your vacations?  My Vacation Lady recommends 4-6 months ahead and even earlier if you are traveling on a holiday weekend or a popular travel time.  If you are looking for cruises, you can book even earlier and if you are planning a honeymoon, we recommend 6-9 months ahead.

My Vacation Lady wants your vacation or honeymoon to be memorable and booking in advance, will give you the best chance of getting what you are dreaming of.

About the Author:

Mindy Gilbert of My Vacation Lady has been helping clients, just like you, plan their dream vacations, cruises and honeymoons since 1994.