Winter weather already! How it can effect your vacation plans

Can you believe that it is only the beginning of November and we already had winter weather causing problems with airline travel in Chicago?

According to the Chicago Tribune:

Halloween started with a record snowfall for many Chicago-area residents. As of 8 a.m. Friday, O’Hare and Chicago Rockford International Airport had one-tenth of an inch of snow, the most on record for Oct. 31 for the city of Chicago, according to the weather service.

Windy conditions and snow caused hundreds of flight cancellations and delays Friday at O’Hare International Airport, officials said.

As of 11 a.m. Friday, more than 300 flights were reported canceled and delays of up to an hour were reported at O’Hare, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation. Midway Airport did not report any cancellations or delays, officials said.

According to FlightStats, an online site that monitors air traffic, 701 flights in and out of O’Hare were canceled.

October 31 and already 701 flights in and out of Chicago’s main airport were cancelled.  We hope this is not a sign that the rest of the winter will be as bad.

Here are some tips for dealing with winter travel: 

  1.  Try to take nonstop flights, is possible.
  2. If you must take a connecting flight, try to avoid connecting through airports that get a lot of winter weather like Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake City.   Try to connect in airports that are further south
  3. Purchase Travel Insurance


If your flight is cancelled or delayed:

  1. Stay calm and be nice.  Yelling at the gate agent or the airline representatives doesn’t help 🙂
  2. Call the emergency # of your travel supplier.  (My Vacation Lady will have that information readily available for you in your travel vouchers).  If we added the airline reservations to your reservation, our 24/7 customer support help desks will be able to assist with changing flights or alerting the ground transportation company that you will be arriving late or on a different flight.
  3. If you purchased the flights separately, on your own, call the airline immediately (even when you are online at the airline reservation desk at the airport) to see if they can assist with changing the flights faster.
  4. Call your travel insurance company if you are going to be missing a connecting flights, missing your cruise, or even the first day or your vacation.  Each travel insurance company has different rules on reimbursement and whether you can cancel based on how delayed your flight is and when you will be able to get on another flight.
  5. Keep all receipts.  If you need to get a hotel or meals or pay for another flight, have the receipts handy to present to your travel insurance company once you file a claim.
  6. Contact your travel professional for more assistance.

My Vacation Lady goes out of our way to work with travel suppliers that have 24/7 customer service.  We never want you to feel that you are stuck on your own when situations like this happens.

We are certainly hoping that the winter of 2014 -2015 is not anywhere near what last year’s weather was like but, just in case, these tips might help.

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