5 helpful packing tips

If we have said it once, we have said it a million times—- My Vacation Lady is the queen of over packing.   One day, we will actually take our own advice and learn how to be a better packer but once again, here are some helpful packing tips.

 5 best packing tips


1.  Start EARLY and make a list- by having a packing list on our computer, it is easy to print it out a week or so ahead of time and customize the list based on the type of vacation.  If you can, start putting aside some of the things that you need to pack so that you won’t be scrambling to find them at the last minute.  We try to lay out all of the clothes in a spare bedroom so we can actually see what needs to be packed.

2.  Plan your outfits – Do you need dressier outfits for dinner?  Do you need shorts and long pants?  Do you need active wear?  Try to go through your anticipated daily schedule and pre-plan what you are going to wear.

3.  Take weather into consideration- Are you going to a location where the weather could change drastically between day and night or to multiple destinations where the weather can change between destinations?  Do you need rain gear, gloves, scarves?  Check the long term weather forecast and pack accordingly.  If you need warm weather clothes— think LAYERS.  Rather than taking a heavy coat- take multiple layers to wear to keep warm.

4.  Shoes, shoes and more shoes- The last thing you want to do is break in new shoes on a vacation and then suffer with blisters or worse, so don’t take new shoes with you on vacation.  Break them in first.  Also, shoes are heavy and take up a lot of space in suitcases so limit the number of shoes you bring.  Wear the heaviest or bulkiest on the planes to save room and weight in your luggage

5.  Save the big toiletry bottles for home – There are lots of small, travel size bottles of toiletries available but if you use a special type of shampoo and you must take it with you, put it in a refillable travel size bottle.  Rather than bringing your whole bottle of moisturizer or foundation, put a small amount in a contact lens case and use it before you travel to see how long a case full of foundation will last.  Do you need a can of shaving cream?  Can soap work while you’re traveling?

When in doubt— leave it home!  There will probably be some stores that you can buy necessities if you forgot something or run out.

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We are really trying to cut down on our packing and on our last vacation, the moisturizer and foundation in a contact lens case really worked!!!




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