5 tips on how to take an all inclusive resort vacation and not gain weight

A small group of My Vacation Lady‘s clients just returned from an all inclusive vacation to Playa Mujeres.  For those of you who know about all inclusive resorts— all of you meals and beverages are included.  For those who like to eat or enjoy a beverage or two, a vacation to an all inclusive resort can be dangerous for your waistlines.  My client mentioned that her husband gained 5 lbs over their vacation because the food was so good.

Here are 5 tips on not to gain weight when taking a vacation:

1.  Take a Walk- If your resort is large, they may offer shuttles to get you from one end to the other.  Skip the shuttles and walk instead.  Did you know that walking barefoot on the beach is great for your legs?

2.  Try some of the included activities–  Most resorts will offer water aerobics and yoga but let’s not forget about how much exercise taking salsa lessons can be.  You can play some beach volleyball, water polo, snorkel, play tennis or ride an aqua bike.  All of these will be fun but will also burn calories.

3.  Skip the buffets and go to the sit down restaurants— If you are anything like me, a buffet is dangerous.  My eyes are much larger than my stomach and then I feel bad wasting food that I took, so I end up eating way too much.  Rather than going to the buffet for meals, go to a sit down restaurant and only order 1 main course.

4.  Slow down on the beverages— Even for those of us who aren’t big drinkers, it’s very easy to drink a lot when you’re at an all inclusive resort.  The bars open early and stay open late and some of those great tropical drinks are really tasty.  As tasty as they are, limit the number of drinks you have and then switch to club soda and lime or diet sodas (or even plain water).  We’re certainly not saying not to drink, just maybe not drink as many if you want to come back weighing the same as you did before you left.

5.  If all else fails, hit the gym.  Every resort has a fitness center.  If you really want to eat and drink everything in sight, do it– but hit the gym every day.

My Vacation Lady can help you plan your vacation experience and we can help you be as active or inactive as you want to be.  We’ll be able to tell you the activities that are included or nearby and what fun excursions you might be interested in taking as well.  We won’t just book at trip— we’ll design a vacation experience that will fit your dreams and budget.


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