Another reason to have a passport for a cruise!

It was lousy weather in the New York area again this weekend, many flights were delayed – if not totally cancelled.  Flights were cancelled on Saturday, Feb 21 and JFK was completely closed until 10am because of icing so no flights were getting in or out before that on Sunday Feb 22.  My Vacation Lady just heard about a colleague’s client who is probably kicking themselves right about now for a number of reasons and are probably cursing out the weather reporters too.

Allure of the Seas in Fort Lauderdale

Allure of the Seas in Fort Lauderdale

New York area couple was taking a cruise from Miami on Sunday and thought they had it covered by flying out the day prior to the cruise (Saturday).  They didn’t take travel insurance and because it was a “closed loop cruise”- departing and returning to the same airport, a passport is not required– just a birth certificate and a government issued photo ID.    Their flight was cancelled due to weather on Saturday and there were no available flights that would get them to Miami either later on Saturday or Sunday that would get them to the Miami airport before 3:30pm— too late to make the ship.  Since the ship was not stopping in any US port of call, and they had no passports, they couldn’t fly down to to meet the ship at any of the ports of call.

They were under complete cancellation penalty from the cruise line so they are getting back nothing for the cruise they missed.

The 2 morals of the story:

1.  Just because the cruise ship is starting and beginning in the same port of call, you should still have a passport.

2.  Don’t even think about traveling in the winter without travel insurance.

My Vacation Lady will always recommend travel insurance for reasons like this one and so many more.   If you think that you’ll never need travel insurance— think again.  I’m sure this couple didn’t think they would need it either.


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