Celebrity Cruises-becoming more All Inclusive?

My Vacation Lady loves cruising but don’t necessarily love the big bills that come at the end of our cruise and apparently a lot of the cruise lines are wising up to this.  At an all inclusive resort, you can pretty much put your wallet in the safe and not have to worry about a big bill at the end unless you are going to enjoy spa treatments, excursions or order special beverages.  On a cruise, typically, your end of cruise bill will include gratuities, beverages, internet access, excursions and more.

A couple of years ago, most of the popular cruise lines introduced beverage packages that could be pre-purchased or bought on board that allow the guest to enjoy many different types of beverages for a relatively reasonable daily rate.  Norwegian Cruise Line has taken it further (on one cruise ship- the Norwegian Sky) to offer free beverages- both alcoholic or non alcoholic.

celebrity constellation in fllMany others were offering on board credit or free gratuities (at times) to entice cruisers to book early or to book certain levels of cabins.  A new announcement by Celebrity Cruises is right now, setting it apart from the rest with their new Go Big, Go Better, Go Best inclusions.  It is capacity controlled so by booking early you’ll get the best choices in what you want to include in your cruise fare.

Introducing Go Big, Go Better, Go Best-new ingenious options to perk-up an already perfect vacation. Book an ocean view stateroom or higher on over 470 sailings departing October 2015 through April 2017.

Offer is limited by availability.

  • go! big – One perk is already included. Just pick and go!
  • go! better – Perk up and pick two.
  • go! best – Want them all? Get them all, plus get a Premium Beverage package upgrade.

So what can you get for Go Big?

Choose 1 of 4 amenities

  • Classic Beverage Package (valued at $55 + gratuities per person per day- $454 for the 7 night cruise)
  • Prepaid Gratuities ($12.95 per person per day=$91 per cruise)
  • Unlimited Internet (for a 7 night cruise $299 per person for 1 device at a time)
  • Onboard Credit (in this case, $150 per person for the balcony cabin)

What can you get for Go Better?

Choose 2 of the 4 amenities, at an increase in your base cruise price (about $15 per person per day)

What is included with Go Best?

Include all 4 of the amenities + an upgrade to the Premium Beverage Package (valued at $65 per person per day plus gratuities = $537  for the 7 night cruise) for an increased base cruise price of about $45 per person per day.

PLUS:  all 3rd and 4th guests in the cabins will get 40 free minutes of internet free and a free classic NON alcoholic beverage package (valued at $18 per person per day) for all options.

So how will these new inclusions effect your cruise fare?

We just took a look at the pricing for the Celebrity Summit on July 3, 2016 sailing from Cape Liberty (Bayonne) to Bermuda.  It’s a 7 day cruise and we took a look at a category 2C balcony cabin.

So the least expensive rate for 2 guests would be on the Go Big promotion- at $3298 (plus taxes and fees or $1649 per person).  That would give you a choice of the Classic Beverage Package, $150 on board credit per person, Unlimited Wifi or Prepaid Gratuities.

For the Go Better package (2 of the amenities) the cost would be $3508 for the cabin (plus taxes and fees or $1754 per person or an increase of $105 per person for the week long cruise)

For the Go Best Package (all of the amenities and the Premium Beverage Package) the cost per cabin would be $3928 (plus taxes and fees or $1964 per person or an increase of $315 per person for the week long cruise).

Let’s break this down for you a bit more to see which is worth more to you:

If you are not big drinkers, and don’t plan to go on the internet much, perhaps the Go Big package with $150 per person on board credit would be best for you.

If you aren’t planning to go on the internet much at all, the Go Better package might be the best value for you.  You can take the Classic Beverage Package + the $150 on board credit per person (total value of $454 + $150= $604 per person) that you are only paying $105 for total.  It doesn’t pay to take the On Board Credit and the free Gratuities since the gratuities are only worth $91 for your balcony cabin.

Now, if you plan on using the internet (packages start at $0.79 per minute -paid by the minute, up to $59 per day for 1 day of unlimited use or for 90 minutes of use and up to $109 for 240 minutes) and you want to have a few drinks a day, the Go Best Package is definitely worth the money for you.  You are getting over $1000 worth of amenities for an extra $315 per person.

You can’t mix and match within the cabin (both guests have to choose the same amenities) but this is still a great move forward for cruises to be more like all inclusive resorts.

To book your Celebrity cruise, please contact My Vacation Lady.   We’ll help you figure out which ship, which destination, which cabin and which amenities package is the right one for you.




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