Remember the good old days when you could actually stretch your legs out in economy class and not have to worry about your knees hitting the back of the seat in front of you?

Well those days seem to be long gone and if the airlines had their way, they are going to create sardine can size seats and make them like bunk beds.

According to an article in CNN Money by  Steve Hargreaves and Tal Yellin, this is some average legroom.

airline leg room


Source: SeatGuru
Note: Measurements are for the smallest configuration offered on two common, comparable single-aisle aircraft: the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. All numbers for economy class seats.

The goal of the airlines is for you to purchase upgraded seats and considering the confirm level of so many of these planes, My Vacation Lady has been purchasing the extra legroom seats since our last flight back from Hawaii (a few years ago) when I was on the air, sitting next to a large man, whose knees were up against the seat in front of him and his wife, in the window seat.  We lovingly referred to his wife as the bag lady because for the first hour of the flight from Maui to Los Angeles, she was re-arranging everything she purchased in the airport shops into numerous bags that she had in the over head and under the seat in front of her.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, an average seat with of a Boeing 777 is 17″ wide.  Compare that to the width of some other seats that you might be familiar with.

airline seats width vs. other seats









So the moral of the story is—- the airlines are in business to make money and if you want to be comfortable on a plane, you’re going to have to fork out more!

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