Are you a baby boomer planning on traveling this year?

Do you fit the definition of a baby boomer?   Were you born between 1946-1964?  If you were, then you are a baby boomer.  Many boomers are getting close to, if not already reached, retirement age so more they’ll have more free time.

AARP asked a poll of why boomers who plan on traveling in 2015 about their travel plans and the results were pretty interesting.

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  • For those baby boomers still working, just over 1/2 will take all or most of their vacation time.
  • A third will take work with them on vacation
  • Over 1/4 say that they need to stay connected to work while on vacation.
  • About 2/3 of the boomers surveyed are looking for a relaxing and laid back vacation.
  • Almost a third of those surveyed said they were taking international bucket list trips
  • Almost 1/4 were going to travel internationally for a summer vacation compared to 30% who will be traveling domestically
  • Over 50% were going to be taking a multi-generational vacation (parents, grandparents and grandchildren all traveling together)
  • A bit of 25% were looking forward to some domestic weekend getaways.

For those boomers out there, what vacation plans do you already have planned and what are you anticipating doing this year?  The year is almost over, what about 2016?

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