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Your honeymoon will likely be the most expensive vacation that you have ever planned.  Most couples want to make sure it is the most memorable vacation that they can have.

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What are some common mistakes that couples can encounter while planning their dream honeymoon.

Booking your parent’s or best friend’s idea of their perfect honeymoon…

Every bride and groom are different.  Shouldn’t your honeymoon reflect who you are and be as unique as you are?  Why copy someone else’s honeymoon if it’s not exactly what you are looking for?

At My Vacation Lady, we take the time to GET TO KNOW YOU so that we can CUSTOMIZE a honeymoon package JUST FOR YOU!

Making your choices for the most important trip of your life based only on price…

You get what you pay for – do you want to skimp on your dreams?

How cheap does a bad honeymoon have to be before you’ll think it is OK?

Believing that you will get a room upgrade just because you are honeymooners…

You have a much better chance of upgrades when you book through My Vacation Lady since  we contact the hotel in advance to alert them that you are honeymooners.

Not planning far enough in advance…

You wouldn’t plan your wedding waiting for last minute “deals” so don’t risk your honeymoon memories either!   Do you want to risk paying higher prices for airfare or getting closed out of your dream honeymoon resort because you were hoping the prices would come down?

But I won a FREE Honeymoon or my uncle has a time share…

Do you really want a cookware company planning your once in a lifetime Honeymoon?  Do you want to take a chance booking a time share that may not offer you the honeymoon amenities that you were hoping for? Do you want risk getting the worst room in the hotel?

How My Vacation Lady is different

  • We don’t plan ” cookie-cutter” honeymoons.  We customize your dream honeymoon based on your likes and dislikes.
  • We offer value for your honeymoon dollars
  • We have visited many of the hotels we recommend and have professional contacts at many of the hotels that cater to honeymooners.  This means that you may get extra amenities or benefits based on relationships with the hotel managers
  • We are there for you before, during and after your trip should any difficulty arise and only deal with reliable travel suppliers

Doesn’t it make sense to plan your honeymoon with a Honeymoon Specialist?  Give My Vacation Lady a call so you can see the difference.