Why are Destination Weddings so popular?

sean-danielle-reducedDestination weddings continue to gain popularity with engaged couples. The opportunities are endless and possibilities continue to grow with today’s couples adding their creativity and fresh ideas. The majority of destinations have been tropical our destination wedding specialist has also organized weddings from a mountain lodge or Irish castle. Each wedding is as unique and special as the couple who are marrying.

Their are many reasons a tropical destination wedding is so popular.

  • One reason is great affordability. Exotic settings, fireworks, amazing honeymoon suites, celebrity  designed ceremonies and receptions…all at about one third the expense of having the same at home.
  • Convenience and accessibility. Modern life has many families scattered and living in different states or maybe even countries.  Therefore any wedding, even one hosted where the couple reside, requires the guests travel.   A gathering at a fun destination is appealing and just makes sense.   The couple can relax and enjoy their guests while the resort hotel or cruise ship “hosts” their guests needs.
  • A destination wedding is making memories.   Most tropical destination weddings include several events both before and after the wedding day. If everyone is staying at one resort, it’s a unique opportunity for a reunion with family and friends who might otherwise not get together for years.
  • The Caribbean and Mexico are accessible making it a possibility for any guest to attend.  Flights are available year round to the tropics from most American, Canadian and European airports making the travel safe, convenient and comfortable.  Many tropical resorts and cruise ships are able to accommodate large multi-generational families.   Single guests, parents with babies, families with children, teens and “tweens”, those with medical or mobility concerns and romantic honeymooners.   All can share a great vacation in one location while each of their unique needs are accommodated.
  • Exotic yet familar. Most tropical destinations are comfortable for the seasoned to first time travelers.   English is common, the dollar is widely accepted and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

Once the wedding is over the happy couple can retire to a private honeymoon suite or perhaps an entirely new resort and relax in the knowledge the guests had a great time and are well cared for until they return home.

“Happy guests means a happy couple”

If this all sounds like it fits contact Dawn at My Vacation Lady to discuss your dream at dawn@myvacationlady.com

Dawn Asmar is proud to be partnering with the My Vacation Lady team as Destination Wedding Specialist. Dawn has 30 years back ground working in travel and the hospitality industry.    To date she has worked with over 80 couples and enjoys many continued  friendships marking life’s milestones of children, careers and anniversaries.   We welcome all couples in love,  all denominations.   From an elopement of two to a wedding of 250 guests.



About the Author:

Mindy Gilbert of My Vacation Lady has been helping clients, just like you, plan their dream vacations, cruises and honeymoons since 1994.