Do honeymooners need travel insurance?

Most of My Vacation Lady‘s honeymooners are young and never think that they will cancel their honeymoon so there is no need for travel insurance.  We have a couple of stories of some of our honeymooners that really did use their travel insurance.

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5 examples of when our honeymooners used their travel insurance

  1. While you and your fiance may be young and healthy, consider immediate family members who may not be as healthy.  Jess and Rich were setting off on their honeymoon to the Riviera Maya when they called to ask a hypothetical question.  Rich’s grandfather was in the hospital.  Would they be able to cancel their honeymoon- or postpone it, until Rich’s grandfather got better.     Luckily they took out a cancel for any reason insurance and we able to get back all of their money (minus the cost of the travel insurance).  Unfortunately the news wasn’t as good for Rich’s grandfather but they were with him at the end and were able to reschedule their honeymoon for May.
  2. You may remember our honeymooners from last summer Christine and Al, who were booked into a 2 story suite with a rooftop plunge pool when Al had to have emergency surgery.  This was just days before their wedding.  Since this was a covered medical reason, they got back all of the money they paid for their honeymoon and were able to reschedule once Al was back on his feet.
  3. Melanie called me not too long ago.  She was distraught-  they called off the wedding.  Their dream honeymoon to Hawaii wasn’t going to happen.  They also had cancel for any reason insurance.  We cancelled their honeymoon and Melanie filed a claim to get back her money.
  4. Krista and Evan were set to honeymoon in Bali in September.  They took out our recommended private insurance.  Evan just got a new job and his new company is not allowing him to take off for the honeymoon.  Luckily, the insurance they took out included cancel for work related reasons.  With a notorized letter from human resources, they should be able to claim the airfare and cancellation penalties on the travel insurance.
  5. Sean and Kelly were booking their dream honeymoon to France.  One of the first things they asked about was travel insurance.  Why?  When they were taking a Mediterranean cruise the year or so before I met them, they arrived in Rome only to find that their luggage wasn’t on the plane.  As a matter of fact, Delta had no clue where their luggage was.  They bought a few things in Rome before heading to the cruise pier but spent a week on the cruise without their luggage.  Delta delivered their lost luggage to them about 3 weeks after they returned home.  The cruise as a vacation that they booked on their own and didn’t think they needed travel insurance.  They definitely included it for their honeymoon (and luckily didn’t need it).

Travel Insurance isn’t fun.  It isn’t something that you can hold and see and experience but if you need to use it, you’ll be very glad you purchased it.

So will My Vacation Lady recommend that you purchase travel insurance—YES.  We have had to use it personally ourselves and we never travel without it.

As one of the top rated honeymoon specialists in the country, according to the couples on Wedding Wire, we won’t be the first to tell you that your honeymoon should be special but we are the right honeymoon specialists to create a wonderful honeymoon experience for you.

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