Do you post everything about your vacations on social media?

Many of My Vacation Lady‘s clients post everything on social media (and I mean everything to the point of TMI).

If you are going on vacation, here are 5 things you shouldn’t post on social media:

  • If your house or apartment is going to be empty while you are on vacation, don’t post the dates that you are going to be gone.
  • Don’t tag yourself at the airport on the day you are leaving.
  • Don’t post a picture of your boarding pass.  There are websites that can read the bar code and find out information about you or even change or cancel your flight.   Here is a blog post about what can be learned about you from your boarding pass
  • If you are going to post pictures during your vacation, don’t tag where you are.   Based on your privacy settings, Facebook can take the geotag info from the picture and will let everyone know (friends and strangers alike) with your current location.
  • Don’t tag your friends who are vacationing with you, while you are away.

While you may think that your friends will all want to see great pictures from your vacation, there are many others who stalk social media for houses to rob.

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