Favorite Snacks in Hawaii

This is a great week to talk about food.  On Monday, we talked about how to eat like a local in Italy and now we’re talking about some great snacks in Hawaii.  The readers of Hawaii Magazine ranked their favorite Hawaii snacks.  Can you guess which came out on top?

Shave Ice

Making Shave Ice at Matsumotos in Oahu

Making Shave Ice at Matsumotos in Oahu

When My Vacation Lady‘s daughter and son in law came home from their honeymoon to Hawaii, they missed shave ice and talked about opening up a shave ice stand in New Jersey.  Well, apparently , Hawaii Magazine’s readers agreed and voted Hawaii Shave Ice as their top favorite snack.  Please don’t call it shaved ice— leave of the “d” since it is SHAVE ice.  It’s not a snow cone of crushed ice with syrup sinking to the bottom but rather more like snowflakes infused with flavors.  We personally loved strawberry and mango.

Malassadas-  If you are going to be in Oahu, stop at Leonard’s Bakery for some of these Portuguese treats.  They are a ball of sweet dough deep fried and then covered in powdered sugar.  Some like them stuffed with sweet cream but they are just fabulous warm and plain!

Fresh Pineapple- you can’t get much sweeter than the fresh sliced pineapple from Hawaii.  While most of the world’s pineapple is no longer grown in Hawaii, it still remains a favorite of all visitors.  We actually went to the Dole factory on our last visit and got a lesson in how to pick a great pineapple from the supermarket.

Not your typical snack, Manapua came up as #4 on the poll.  Have you ever tried it when you were in Hawaii?  it’s a dim sum type of treat that was introduced by the Chinese laborers who were working in the sugar plantation fields many years ago.  It’s either baked or steamed and it’s a soft sweet bun stuffed with a variety of fillings like char siu pork, oyster sauce chicken or even hot dogs.  We haven’t tried it but we might pass on the ones stuffed with hot dogs or spam.

Who can resist Macadamia nuts?   When My Vacation Lady goes to Hawaii, the chocolate covered ones never make it home for gifts.  Salted macadamia nuts go great with a cold beer and a view of the sunset but try some of the more unique flavors– Maui onion, garlic, barbeque, wasabi , kona coffee and honey roasted flavors.

Hula Pie

Hula Pie

While not technically a snack, no trip to Hawaii is complete without a hula pie for dessert.   This enormous dessert is very simply  macadamia nut ice cream piled high on a chocolate cookie crust and topped with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, and more macadamia nuts. It’s huge and is great to share!

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