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There was an entire discussion on one of My Vacation Lady‘s travel agent Facebook boards about whether you need to tip at an all inclusive resort and we wrote a blog post about that a while back.  We really, though, didn’t cover tipping at non-inclusive hotels.

In the case of Hotel Tipping, we found this great cheat sheet on Travel + Leisure

  • Bellman: $1 to $2 per bag.
  • Concierge: $10 to $20 for performing a special service, such as scoring tickets to a sold-out event or wrangling lost luggage from your airline.
  • Doorman: $2 for hailing a cab in rush hour or in the rain; $1 for each bag.
  • Housekeeping: $5 to $10 per day. Leave it at the front desk if you want it divided equally among all your housekeepers.
  • Room Service: A service charge is almost always included in the bill. To personally thank your server, 5 percent will suffice.
  • Valet: $5 when your car is delivered.
  • Free Town-Car Service: Because they’re providing a complimentary amenity, drivers are instructed not to expect tips. However, it’s not uncommon for travelers to offer a gratuity. The minimum starts around $5 and goes up as the distance increases.

Please keep in mind that gratuities outside of the U.S. are not necessarily the same and there are actually destinations where tipping is considered to be an insult so always please refer to our World Wide Tipping Guide  for more info on tipping around the world.


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