How can you dial a US toll free # from Mexico?

My Vacation Lady sends a good number of our clients to Mexico for their vacations and honeymoons and we came across this article written by James Clark, posted in USA today,  that we felt was good to share.

While there are a few resorts that do offer free international phone calls in their resort rates and others that will include free internet phone calls, for the most part, if you want to make long distance calls OR a toll free call, you’ll need an internet calling program like Viber or you’ll come home to some pretty hefty roaming charges on your cell phones.  Calling from your room may incur international long distance charges, even if you are trying to dial a toll free #.  Sometimes, the concierge or the front desk will be nice and put through the call for you but if not, and you need to call your travel insurance company, credit card company or the emergency # for your travel agency or tour operator, this is good info:

How can you call US toll free phone numbers from Mexico?

 Dialing toll-free numbers from Mexico typically involves entering a different code for each three-digit prefix, such as 800, 877 or 888. Depending on how you call, such as from a personal cell phone, pay phone or a hotel lobby, you may be charged for placing an international call even though you are dialing a toll-free number. This varies depending on where you travel in Mexico. For international dialing, such as to place a call in the United States to report a lost or stolen credit card, you must enter the 001 prefix before the main number.

Step 1     Dial 001, which is the international dial code to call the United States, when you have a dial tone.
Step 2     Dial 880 if your toll-free number begins with 800.
                Dial 881 for an 888 number.
                Dial 882 for an 877 number
                Dial 883 for all 866 numbers.
                These codes only apply to calls from Mexico.
Step 3     Dial the main seven-digit telephone number normally and wait for the call to connect.

While we hope that you will never need to make an emergency call from Mexico, we prefer know how to do it just in case.

If you have any tips on making calls back to the US from abroad and want to share them with us, please let us know and we’ll post them on our blog or on our Tuesday Travel Tips on our facebook page. 

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