Just a couple of true stories about why using a travel professional makes sense

OK, we’ll be honest.  If you just want to book a flight to Miami or a few nights in a motel on the Jersey Shore, you may not need a Travel Professional to help you but there are many times, even for smaller vacations that a Travel Professional, like My Vacation Lady, can help out enormously.

 Just in the last few weeks, 2 instances come to mind:

1.  Hailey and Scott wanted to take their young son on a 4 night Disney cruise.  Should they book it online or through My Vacation Lady?  When Hailey told us what she was looking for, we went to check on options for her family getaway.

  • She first said that the prices jumped by $500 in a week.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense when you are looking at a cruise in the spring of 2016, does it?  When we looked at a calendar, we immediately knew why— Hailey had chosen Easter Week.  Yes, now it does make a lot of sense.  Our first question— can you go any other time?  Of course, they didn’t need to work around the school calendar.  So we looked at other dates that might work and that offered the best pricing for them.
  • Ocean View cabin will be fine– we won’t be in the cabin much.  Not a problem, we priced out a nicely located ocean view cabin for them.  But pointed out that for $50 per night more, they could have a balcony cabin.  Chances are a 2 year old will still be napping.  Do you want to sit in a dark cabin while he is napping or would you prefer to relax with a beverage on your balcony while he naps.  Hailey and Scott didn’t think of that and for the small difference they went for the balcony cabin.
  • Did she know that Mickey can call her 2 year old as it gets closer to the cruise?  We did and sent her the info.

Guess what— the price online was exactly the same, so why not use a Travel Professional?

2.  Adam and Lexi are still figuring out their honeymoon in Greece and Italy but Adam had a bachelor party question.  His best man sent out the info to the groomsmen on the dates and hotel but didn’t call a travel professional for any assistance.  Everyone could just book online themselves.  So a few of them booked with a large online travel agency (OTA) that starts with the letter E and things were fine.  Then another friend, Rob, booked a room for 2 buddies.  So far so good.  Then the problems started.  Rob and his friend wanted to add a 3rd guy to the room.  Rob called the OTA who said you need to call the hotel.  Rob called the hotel– guess what they said—- you need to call the OTA.  Had Rob called me for the original reservation for 2 and then wanted to add a 3rd, one email or call to us would have been all it would have taken him.  Not a problem for us to add a 3rd person to a room in that hotel.  They all hold 3 adults– we do it all the time.

Not sure if they got it straightened out yet but when Adam called me, he said the hotel was sold out through the OTA.  Really, I can book it for you with no problem.  Send him a quote with a Book It link and within an hour, 2 more friends had a room.  Guess what, they didn’t have to pay in full either.

My Vacation Lady is in the business of guiding our clients to the best possible vacations with the least stress in planning.  We offer knowledge and expertise and work with reliable travel suppliers that offer great customer service both before, during and after your vacation.  If that sounds like something that you would prefer over the DIY methods, Contact Us for help with planning your next vacation or your dream honeymoon.



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