Planning your wedding in 2015-2017? Here are some dates you may want to look at or avoid…

If you are one of the many couples that just got engaged over the holiday season— Congratulations!  These are going to be fun (and some stressful) times in planning your wedding.  Whether you are planning a wedding in your home state or on a beach in the Caribbean or Mexico, there are some things to consider when picking a date.

1.  Should you pick a holiday weekend?

I remember my son complaining every time of one of his friends would schedule their wedding for a holiday weekend since, in many cases, he had to fly to get there.  Whenever you add a holiday into the mix, the cost of flights and sometimes, lodging, will be higher.  This is something to consider if you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town OR if you are planning a destination wedding.

2.  Should you avoid school breaks?

My Vacation Lady helps a lot of teachers plan their dream honeymoons and we almost always have to break the news to these clients that traveling during a school break for their honeymoon will be much more expensive than other times.  So if you are a teacher and think that it would be great to get married and honeymoon during spring break or winter break, you might want to think about the additional cost of your honeymoon.

3. Do you want to schedule your wedding around a religious holiday?

Unless none of your wedding guests, celebrate the holiday, you may want to avoid major religious holidays.  We have heard of complaints because a destination wedding was scheduled during a religious holiday that clients celebrated (although the bride and groom may not have).  While the couple in question did go since it was their best friend’s son’s wedding, they were upset to miss the religious services that they normally would have attended.

4.  Are you a sports fanatic?

If you are, you might want to avoid scheduling your wedding during the major sporting events like Super Bowl or March Madness.

5.  If you are superstitious…

You may want to avoid typically unlucky dates like Friday the 13th, the Ides of March or even Leap Year.

6.  If you can’t remember dates…

You may want to book a wedding date that is easy to remember.

  • 5/10/15 falls on a Sunday
  • 5/15/15 falls on a Friday
  • 6/16/16 falls on a Thursday

A quirky date that is the same backwards as it is forwards— 6/10/2016 (this is a palindome) falls on a Friday.


This is the full list of dates in an article recently posted on The Knot

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