Some fun things that you may not know about Disney World

My Vacation Lady has a Disney Specialist on our team because there is just so much to know about how to plan a great Disney World Vacation.

Cinderella's Castle

Cinderella’s Castle











When we came across this blog post written by Meghan Brennan and posted by one of our travel suppliers , we thought it would be fun to share it.  There are 38 total but these are our 5 favorite fun facts:

1.  There are no lost kids at Disney- just lost parents

2. If you get too close to the camel outside of Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride, you might get “spit” on! While it may seem random, there’s a Cast Member activates the spitting.

3.  The highest possible score in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is 999,999.  If you reach that score, you’ll qualify you as a “Galactic Hero.”

4.  Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life has around 320 animals carved into it, but almost didn’t have a chimpanzee.  A visit from Jane Goodall prompted designers to add one.

5.  The aquarium at Epcot’s Living Seas Pavilion is so big.  How big is it?   The Spaceship Earth could fit inside it with room to spare.

Do you have some fun facts or secrets about Disney World?  We’d love to hear them.

Let My Vacation Lady’s Disney Specialist PLAN YOUR DISNEY WORLD vacation and the best part is, she’ll will monitor the promotions and specials that Disney announces and if you are eligible for a lower rate or a better package, she’ll take care of that for you too!

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