Why you should take a vacation?

Americans work too hard.  Almost 1/2 of Americans don’t use up all the time off they get.  Here are some reasons about why you should take a vacation.

These were posted in previous blog posts:

1. On a scale of 1 to 5, travelers rate their overall health 1 full point higher while on vacation.

2. Travelers say they get three times more deep sleep and sleep almost 20 minutes longer after their vacation.

3. Even the anticipation of vacation travel generates an increase in positive feelings about one’s life as a whole, family, economic situation, and health.

4. An annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50 percent!

5. Women who take more vacations are more satisfied with their marriages.

6. More than half of employed Americans say they come back feeling reconnected with their family after vacation.

7. Three out of four executives believe that vacations are necessary for them to prevent burnout or that vacations improve their personal job performance.

8. Travelers experience a 25 percent increase in performance on vigilance tests after returning from vacation – travelers 45 or older show a 50 percent increase in performance.

9. Two out of three executives believe that vacations improve their creativity.

40th Anniversary Vacaton

40th Anniversary Vacation

These are some new ones that I have heard from my clients and friends and family:

1. A hearse doesn’t come with a luggage rack…..  As we get older, health issues are coming up more and more.  Many of my older clients are looking to take vacations while they still can.

2.  At a recent party, I spoke to a friend’s aunt who took her children and grandchildren on a vacation to Bermuda a number of years ago.  This was just as her husband’s health was starting to fail.  She had an idea that it was going to be his last vacation and she took lots and lots of pictures and put them all over the house.  Now, even years after this vacation, she smiles when she looks at the pictures and sees how happy her husband was on that vacation.

3.  Memories last a lot longer than the latest toy or even a new car.  My kids remember vacations we took them on when they were young and are even willing to come with us on vacation now that they are on their own (if we pay, of course 🙂 )

4.  A party will last a few hours. A vacation will last a lot longer.  A client called recently to ask about planning a vacation to Italy with her daughter for her 16th birthday.  This was her daughter’s choice– vacation to Italy with mom or a sweet 16 party.

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