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My Vacation Lady  just spoke to a honeymoon couple, Crystal and Dan, who want to got to Hawaii for their honeymoon.  One of their friends told them about the Big Island– that it was less touristy than Oahu and even Maui and that there were some 5 star resorts there but they didn’t know much about it and wondered if this was a place where they would get bored after just a few days.

During our consultation, we talked about a few things that they could do in the Big Island, in addition to visiting Volcanoes National Park and one of the things that really caught Dan’s interest was Star Gazing.  With the observatory at the summit of Mauna Kea and the 13 international telescopes, this is an astronomer’s dream for both professionals and amateurs.

You can also so a night time snorkeling tour with manta rays— that really interested them too.

But here are some other things to see and do and experience in the Big Island, that you might not have thought about:

  • sea turtle on the Big Island

    sea turtle on the Big Island

    Swimming with the Honu (sea turtles)- there are some great snorkeling beaches off the Kohala Coast and sea life is abundant.  With any luck, you’ll encounter a green sea turtle.  We saw this guy just hanging out on the black sand beach at Punalu’u Beach

  • Act like a cowboy-  You might not have realized that ranching was big business in the Big Island and there is a rich cowboy (paniolo) history.  So head up to the town of Waimea and check out Parker Ranch.  You can also try horseback riding open range.
  • Go whale watching-  Between December and April, the humpback whales are all over Hawaii and sometimes you can even spot them from the beach.  If you see a line of cars pulled off on the beach side highway, there is a good chance that the whales are just off shore.
  • Check out a farmer’s market-  There is so much farm to table cuisine in the Big Island of locally grown produce, to grass fed beef.  There are farmer’s markets all over the island but 2 that are really great- both open on Saturdays in the Waimea area.  At the Parker School, between 8am and 1pm, you’ll find freshly baked bread, handmade jams, farm fresh fruit and vegetables and locally made soaps and creams.  The Hawaii Homestead Market is open between 7am and noon and have lots of organic produce as well as dark roast Kona coffee beans (and samples)
  • Try some local brew— both beer and coffee.  There are a couple of brew pubs on the island where handcrafted beer is made out back.  Don’t forget to visit some coffee plantations where you can sample lots of different flavors of 100% Kona coffee.  If you are a coffee lover, don’t expect to leave without a few bags of beans to take home with you.

So whether you want to relax at a 5 star beachfront resort, enjoy a beachside spa treatment or take a helicopter flight over the volcano, there is plenty to do in the Big Island.  So, Crystal and Dan— I think there is enough to keep you as busy as you want to be in the Big Island of Hawaii!

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