With the peak holiday season upon us and lots of winter vacations coming up, My Vacation Lady  always tries to keep our clients up to date on the best travel tips.

When we saw this article posted on the SmarterTravel, entitled Pro Tips for Flying in Comfort, our first thought was— upgrade to first class.  That is truly the only way to be comfortable while flying these days.  We looked a bit further and found that some of their tips were also aimed at those of us that are stuck in the sardine can sided coach seats and are pretty much what we do all the time.

Top 10 tips for being comfortable while flying

1.  Drink, Drink, Drink— Water that is!  We always take empty water bottles with us through security and then refill it at the airport water fountains and we ask the flight attendants to refill them during the flight.

2.  For a long overnight flight–think sleep aid.  This is a biggie— try it out ahead of time, if this is not something you’ve taken before.  I know how long 1 Ambien will last for me but that may not be the same for you.  The last thing you want is to be completely groggy when you land.

3.  Curb the Alcohol— if a glass of wine helps you sleep, then drink 1 glass but over indulging in booze on a flight will not help you feel rested or refreshed upon arrival.

4.  Choose your seat wisely–not every seat offers the same amount of legroom so check on a site like SeatGuru to help you get the best seats available.  When it doubt, do what we do and pay the upgrade to premium economy.

5. Plan what you will bring to eat on the flight–since the airlines stopped offering meals on most flights, we bring our own.  Rather than take a chance on the airport offerings, we’ll bring nuts and fruit, granola or protein bars, sandwiches or salads.  We try to limit the salt in the nuts so we’re not even thirstier.

6.  Dress in layers— and focus on comfort rather than great style.  The air conditioning on planes can vary from arctic to tropical so having layers to put on or take off makes sense.  Rather than heavy denim jeans, aim for a lighter weight pair of pants- including yoga pants, leggings or some of the lighter weight denims.

7.  Stick to dark colors— has anyone had a cup of coffee on your tray and the plane hit some turbulence and the coffee ended up on your white shirt?  Wear darker colored clothes.  They hide more stains

8.  Keep your feet comfortable— heels or tight shoes are never the best when it comes to flying.  Feet tend to swell during flights so consider bringing a heavy pair of socks to wear so that you can slip off your shoes.

9.  Keep you mind occupied— if you are like me and can’t sleep on a plane, bring things to keep you busy.  Download some books or movies to your tablet or laptop before leaving home.  I bring tons of magazines that I haven’t had time to read at home.  Crossword puzzle books or games on your tablet are always helpful too, since you don’t have to do them all at once.

10.  Block out noise and light— bring a pair of noise blocking headsets or at least earplugs.   An eye mask can help keep out the light from your neighbor who has the overhead reading light on.

When in doubt— upgrade to first class 🙂

Do you have more tips to share on how to be comfortable while flying?

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