Why does My Vacation Lady have a honeymoon consultation with our engaged couples?

My Vacation Lady is one of the top rated honeymoon specialists in the US (according to the couples on Wedding Wire).  We are one of 5 honeymoon specialists in the US to earn the 2015 Couples Choice Award and have over 100 reviews from our satisfied honeymooners.

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What sets us apart is how we “qualify” our clients.  What exactly does that mean?

  • We take the time to get to know our couples during a very in depth and unique web based honeymoon consultation.

There are times when our honeymooners say that their fiance isn’t interested in planning the honeymoon or is never available to speak to us or that they want to surprise their fiance with a wonderful honeymoon.  When we hear that, we really try to explain that is is both of their honeymoons and if only 1 wants to be the “go to” person for the honeymoon planning, that is fine, but I want to get to know the other half’s ideas and dreams and  thoughts.  After all, a honeymoon is for both of you.

So what have some of our clients told us that really helps us envision their honeymoon dreams?

  • James didn’t want his honeymoon to be like Atlantic City on a Saturday night.
  • Mike didn’t want to “learn anything new other than the names of the drinks at the bar”
  • Steve didn’t want to have to fight for lounge chairs at the beach or pool and didn’t want to have to sit with other people for dinner.
  • Carly wanted something unique and different but she had to feel safe.
  • Chris wanted something different from anything else they’ve done before and wanted it to be over the top, memorable and in a picturesque setting.
  • Taylor wanted there to be surprises along the way and wanted to be pampered
  • Kevin hates not being in control and doesn’t want his entire honeymoon scheduled.
  • Anna wanted a secluded villa with a private plunge pool and wanted to see wildlife.
  • Jason wanted a good mix of activities and wanted to experience the culture and see beautiful landscapes and see volcanoes.
  • Lindsay is more of a beach person, wanted a larger resort, a spa and be able to take some great photos but hates snakes and bugs.

These are just some of the answers we get from our honeymooners during our consultations.  We won’t just sell you the deal of the day because if fits your budget.  We’ll make sure that your honeymoon fits your dreams.

My Vacation Lady may not be the first ones to tell you that your honeymoon should be special, but we are the right honeymoon specialists to help plan a honeymoon that is as unique as you are.


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