Vacation Memories or Things?

Just recently, My Vacation Lady received a request for a family vacation.  We get lots of requests for family vacations but this was a bit different– it was for a grandmother’s 70th birthday.  The grandparents were taking their children and their grandchildren (12 in all) to a luxury all inclusive resort in the Bahamas.  They were booking more than a year in advance and flight schedules weren’t even out yet but they wanted to make sure that they would be able to reserve the rooms that they wanted.  This wasn’t going to be a cheap vacation, even without the cost of the flights.

Why would grandparents pay the equivalent of some people’s annual wages for a 1 week family vacation?

40th anniversary vacation

40th anniversary vacation

Because memories last longer than possessions!

Our kids (who are now young adults) remember some of the vacations that we took them on more than some of the toys, video games and other things that we bought them.

Our kids will remember the time where we took a helicopter tour and landed on a glacier in Alaska.  They’ll remember white water rafting on that same cruise more than the Nintendo games that we bought them.  My daughter still remembers a family vacation to the White Mountains in New Hampshire when she was about 8 but probably not how many Barbie dolls she had at that age.  My son will remember cave tubing in Belize and hiking in the Grand Canyon a lot longer than the Nintendo games that he played with his friends at those ages.

Why should you make memories with your family?

Things can change in an instant.  Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your family and help them make memories rather than just buy the kids another toy?

My Vacation Lady has helped create memories for our clients since 1994.  That’s a huge amount of memories!

Whether it is a special occasion like a honeymoon, destination wedding, family reunion, or a major birthday or anniversary, My Vacation Lady can help create your vacation memories!


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