What you shouldn’t say to a travel agent

One of our colleagues posted this blog post on one of our travel professional group pages and it got a ton of “likes”.

From her article published on Thought Catalog on June 23, 2015, Heidi Priebe, a former travel professional, said this

While most people assume that the Internet has erased the need for travel agents, the industry is still alive and overwhelmed by travellers who want a little friendly advice alongside their plane ticket. This is good news for travel agents – but the uprise of Internet travel resources also means that travel agents spend most of their time translating Internet deals into realistic travel plans. And the misunderstandings that arise can cause a bit of frustration, to say the least. From an ex-travel agent, here are ten phrases that your trip planner loathes to hear.

So rather than just repeating what Ms. Priebe said, My Vacation Lady will add our own comments and remarks to some of our favorite ones:

1.  I saw a flight for 1/2 of this price online

My Vacation Lady’s response would be— “great book it- as long as it is the same flight itinerary”

We don’t make up the prices of flights– the airlines do and they change on a minute to minute basis.  If you found a flight that you like and the price is one you are comfortable with, book it.  We’ll handle the rest of your vacation or honeymoon plans.


2.  $1000 is too much for that flight.  I only want to pay $500 (or $600 or $700, etc)

And I want gas to be 99 cents a gallon again 🙂  Again, we don’t set the price of the airline tickets– the airlines do.  If you don’t want to pay the price for that flight, then, perhaps you need to change your destination, dates or take a flight with a stop or 2 or 3.

3.  I want a 2 week luxury vacation to…… for $xxxx and it is not negotiable

Here is where I mention that I would like to pay only 99 cents a gallon….  We deal with many people that may have unrealistic ideas of what the actual price of their dream vacation or honeymoon will be.  We aren’t miracle workers and will try to get you the best value for your budget but if you’re not willing to compromise on the criteria, you will either need to increase your budget or decrease your stay to bring the pricing to a number that you like better.

4.  Just give me the best deal!

When clients come to My Vacation Lady for help planning their dream honeymoon or vacation, we are going to give you an experience that matches those dreams.  Our goal is to design your vacation to fit your dreams and budget.  If you are only interested in the least expensive hotel (because you won’t be in it much), then we may not be the travel adviser for you.  As Ms. Priebe said so well:

Best price doesn’t always equal best value.

And the one that travel professionals HATE:

5.  Thanks for the advice– I’ll book it online myself

  • Would you go to a doctor for a diagnosis but not pay for the office visit because you are going to self medicate?  
  • Would you ask an architect to draw up detailed plans for an addition to your home, and then ask him to give them to you for free so that you can build it yourself?  
  • Would you ask a plumber to give you detailed directions on how to install your dishwasher, so that you can do it yourself?  

 If you are looking at a complex vacation itinerary or a vacation or honeymoon to a place that you are unfamiliar with, wouldn’t you rather have a professional handle to make sure all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed?  If you are planning to book your vacation online, that’s not a problem, but please don’t waste my time that I could be using to help clients that are very happy to book with My Vacation Lady.


My Vacation Lady certainly doesn’t mean to be crass or rude with any of these responses and we certainly don’t mean to offend.  We just wanted to add some levity to our business in dealing with so many different types of people.

My Vacation Lady is an award winning travel agency that works very closely with our clients to ensure that the vacation experience they book will be everything they dreamed it would be.


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