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My Vacation Lady just received an email with some fun facts about Iceland that we thought we would share with you since we’ve been getting a lot of requests for Iceland this year.northern lights 2

Fun Facts

1.  Iceland’s weather is about the same as NYC’s in the months of January and February

2.  Iceland has a lava field that is the size of the borough of Manhattan

3. Pickled ram’s testicles, seal’s flippers and sheep’s head jam are all delicacies that you can find during a Thorrablot feast in Thorri.

4.  You can witness a volcanic eruption during a flight seeing tour at Holuhraun

5.  East Iceland is in the solar eclipse’ “path of totality” (March 20, 2015)

6.  You can check out a real ICE TUNNEL.  The Langjokull Ice Cave is located on Europe’s 2nd largest glacier and after 5 years of planning and preparing, it’s now open to the public.

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