Where are you going for your next vacation?

When you think about your next vacation, what does it look like?  What does it feel like?  What does it taste like?  What does it smell like?  These are not normally the questions a travel advisor would ask you when planning your next vacation but, trust me, all of your senses are involved while you are on vacation.

Allure of the Seas in Fort Lauderdale

Allure of the Seas in Fort Lauderdale

Does your next vacation look like a cruise?  Will you feel the wind blowing through your hair as the ship sails away from your ports of call?  Will you eat food that you’ve never had before both on the ship and in the ports of call?  Can you smell the salt air from your balcony?

colosseumDoes your next vacation look like Italy?  Can you feel the history of Venice, Rome, Florence and Pompeii?  Can you taste the fabulous olive oil or mozzarella cheese that you just learned how to make during your cooking lesson?  Can you smell the grape orchards on your winery tours?  Can you smell the lemon trees in Sorrento?

matamanoa beach view


Does your next vacation look like a beach front resort in a tropical island, Mexico, Hawaii or the South Pacific?   Can you feel the sun warming your skin?   Do you feel relaxed but also energized?  Can you taste the tropical drinks that you can enjoy at the beach?  Can you smell the suntan lotion, the beach grill and the flowers?



Does your vacation include the kids?  Is it just the 2 of you?

Are you inviting friends and family to vacation with you?

If your vacation could be anything you dreamed it would be, what would it be?


My Vacation Lady has been helping clients plan their dream vacations and honeymoons since 1994.    Our personal approach to vacation planning can make all the difference in your next vacation!  Give us a call and let us help you plan your dream honeymoon or your next vacation!

About the Author:

Mindy Gilbert of My Vacation Lady has been helping clients, just like you, plan their dream vacations, cruises and honeymoons since 1994.