Why should you use a travel agent for your honeymoon planning?

Sometimes, My Vacation Lady will meet people who ask what we do and when we tell them that we own our own travel agency, they look at us like:  there are really still travel agencies around?  Do people still even use travel agents?  YES and YES and we are thriving because the ones that are still around have evolved!

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I am a travel agent.

I’m sometimes called a travel advisor, or a travel professional or a Vacation & Honeymoon specialist. I use my knowledge of destinations, resorts, tours and excursions, to ‘advise and counsel’ my clients on the best choices for their honeymoon dreams, desires and budgets.

As a travel agent, I add value.
Think of a travel agent as you would a hair dresser or even a realtor.   You can also cut your own hair, but result may not be pretty and you might have to go to a professional to fix your mistakes.  Are you going to do your own hair for the wedding or hire a professional?  You can buy a house without an agent, but most don’t, because it’s time consuming.  With a Realtor, you can find out which houses are coming on the market before it hits the websites– insider info that you won’t get online.

Your time is precious.
You have choices today. You can research and book a trip online. You might save a couple of dollars and if you’re just booking a flight from point A to point B, or a car rental, or a hotel room, go ahead and book online. I won’t be upset or offended. You might find that it takes longer than you expected to find the ‘best deal’ and if your hotel is oversold, you’ll be on your own.  If you’re a gambler, the odds are pretty good you’ll be OK but try reaching the online booking engine to get it straightened out if it isn’t.  Your honeymoon is probably going to be one of the most expensive (and certainly one of the most important) vacations that you have planned.  How much free time do you have to research a zillion different destinations and resorts before you hit “destination overload”?

Benefit from my knowledge and my contacts.
My knowledge and contacts offer lots and lots of added benefits and value for my clients.  I may know the sales managers of your resort and I may be able to obtain additional amenities or possibly upgrades for you.  I also have first hand knowledge of many, many resorts so I’ll know what will meet your expectations and why the deal you found online may not.  I’ll be able to help you plan your entire vacation or honeymoon experience— not just booking your hotel and flights.

I am a travel agent.
This is how I make my living.  I don’t work another job and do this a few hours a day.  This is what I do more than full time.  I won’t get rich doing this but I do OK and I’m fine with that.  I love to travel and experience new destinations.  . More than anything, I love the feedback from clients that my knowledge, care and attention helped them create lasting memories. That’s worth a lot to them. What is it worth to you?

My Vacation Lady is an award winning Honeymoon Specialist.  We may not be right for everyone but for those who want to plan their once in a lifetime honeymoon experience, we can certainly help.

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