Zika virus and Mexico– just something to think about

My Vacation Lady is not a physician and always recommends speaking to your doctor if you are concerned about traveling to any destination that is listed with active transmissions of the Zika Virus.

What we are doing here is to try to point out that the CDC is listing the country of Mexico as one that has active transmissions of the Zika virus but it is not saying where and why you need to avoid the entire country.   This is just to show you how far some of the cities where people were infected are from the popular tourist areas in the Yucatan Peninsula (Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa Mujeres)

Where have the cases of Zika Virus been reported in Mexico?

As of Feb 1, 2016, 34 cases of infections were reported to be acquired from within Mexico with 3 reports of people who were infected abroad.

24 cases have been reported in Chiapas



Chiapas is about a 15 hour drive or 6 hour flight to the Yucatan Peninsula tourist areas.  Over 600 miles from the Riviera Maya




The rest have been reported in Oaxaca, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Jalisco and Sinaloa


Oaxaca is an 8 hour flight or 20 hour drive and over 1000 miles from the Yucatan Peninsula tourist areas




nuevo leon

Nuevo Leon is over 1500 miles from the Yucatan Peninsula






tamaulipasTamaulipas is over 1700 miles to the Riviera Maya






jaliscoJalisco is over 1300 miles from the Riviera Maya




sinaloaSinaloa is over 1800 miles from the Riviera Maya




Let’s compare that the distance from Dallas Tx (the only person to actually contract  the  Zika virus within the US that did not travel to one of the infected areas.  It was transmitted sexually)


Dallas is about a 25 hour drive and 1500 miles from Central NJ





Let’s compare that to any of the counties declared health emergencies by the state of Florida:  Miami Dade, Broward, Hillsborough, Lee and Santa Rosa counties.  One more case was reported in Osceola County (near Orlando) and another in St John County (near Jacksonville).

jacksonville to NJNone have been reported as being acquired within the state and all were in people who had travelled to other destinations.

So, in our opinion, and this is ONLY our non medical opinion, the warning against traveling to some of the countries that are on the CDC list is just scaring people out of traveling to some areas that may not be near where the Zika virus is being detected.

We came across this article  which also brings up some other points about some of the possibilities of why so many birth defects are being reported in Brazil.

We are certainly not going to suggest that you travel to any destination that you are concerned about (especially if you are pregnant or are trying to conceive) without speaking to your physician.  We just want to give you a bit more information.

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