There are a number of destinations that are HOT for 2016 and 4 of them start with the letter I.  Can you figure out which ones we are talking about?  When My Vacation Lady first saw the article in one of our travel trade magazines, it listed 3 top destinations starting with the letter I, but when we looked over the vacations and honeymoons that we planned for our clients so far this year, there was actually 1 other that the list didn’t include.

First of all how many countries start with the letter I?

  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Indonesia
  • Isle of Man
  • India
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Iraq

So now that you know which countries start with the letter I, can you pick out the 4 top destinations?

Grand Canal in Venice

Grand Canal in Venice














If you picked Italy, you’re right.  Italy is always a beloved travel destination for vacations and romantic honeymoon.

What do you think might be next?  

Do you think that Ireland is on the list?

What about Iceland?

Do you think India, Israel or the Isle of Man?

What if we told you that Bali was part of Indonesia?  Would that make the list?

If you did guess, Italy, Ireland, Iceland and Indonesia, you would have been right.

Each of these destinations is very different but very much in demand by clients of My Vacation Ladybut are they the right places for you to visit on your next vacation or on your dream honeymoon?

My Vacation Lady  believes in the personal approach to vacation and honeymoon planning.  We aren’t going to steer you toward a destination that isn’t right for you because we care more about matching your dreams and budget to the right destination than just selling you a vacation that you may not love.

Contact us for help planning your next vacation or your dream honeymoon.  We think you’ll be surprised how much our personal approach to vacation planning can make a difference in your vacation or honeymoon experience.