Do you really need travel insurance?   Why spend money on something you’ll likely never use?

You might want to think of travel insurance the same way you think of all the other insurances you have- car, home, life.  While you hope you never need it, you’re glad you have it when you need it.jetskisafari

In many cases, vacations will have to be paid in full before you depart and almost all travel suppliers (airlines, cruise lines and hotels) have some sort of cancellation policy and penalties that could range from 0%-100% of the actual trip cost based on when you cancel your vacation.

My Vacation Lady has had clients who had to cancel vacations and even honeymoons due to illness.  We’ve had clients have to come home from their vacations and honeymoons early due to injury or even deaths in the family.  Others have used travel insurance because the airline lost their luggage.  Our clients have used travel insurance when a hurricane or blizzard closed airports or their hotels.

Not everyone understands what travel insurance covers

And since every policy is a bit different, it’s a good idea to know really know about the plan you are buying.

Some questions to ask about the travel insurance policy you are considering: 

  • Does it give you cash back or future travel certificates?
  • Does it cover pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Does it cover delays for inclement weather and if so, does the airport need to be closed for a specific # of hours or does it cover you if YOUR flight is cancelled due to inclement weather?
  • Will it allow you to cancel for any reason?  If so, will it give you back 100% of your cancellation costs or just partial?

Here are some common myths that people have about travel insurance.

No one likes to spend money unnecessarily, but trust us, we’ve had to use travel insurance a number of times and when we did, we were sure glad we had it.

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