Where to go for a Zika Free Honeymoon? Part 1

It’s on the news almost daily with scary reports of the Zika virus and how it can reach as far north as New York and Northern California soon.  As Honeymoon Specialists, My Vacation Lady works with many couples who are questioning where they can go where it is SAFE.   We are not doctors (although we do watch a lot of doctor shows on TV 🙂 ) and we strongly suggest you talk to your physicians if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

For those honeymooners who are not planning on getting pregnant in the near future, should you change the destination you really want to go for one that doesn’t have Zika?  Again, this is not a question that we can answer but there are many destinations that are still Zika Free.

Where are we sending our honeymoon couples to, if they are concerned about the Zika Virus?


  • Did you realize that Quebec City is like a mini Europe but a lot closer and cheaper?   It is one of North America’s oldest and most beautiful cities with narrow cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes and some wonderful festivals to enjoy year round.  Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) has side walk cafes, beautifully maintained squares and the Chateau Frontenac towering above it.  You can take a pub crawl, food tours, boat rides up the river, see waterfalls, kayak or hike and that is just a short list of what you can do.

    Canoeing in Jasper National Park

    Canoeing in Jasper National Park

  • Alberta is a great destination for the adventure lovers but has enough romance to make for a romantic honeymoon.  For summer and fall honeymoons, you can hike, kayak, horseback ride, white water rafting, take a gondola or tram or chairlift to stunning views, see wildlife and so much more.
  • Vancouver – is the culinary capital of Canada with a booming farm to table (or sea to table) cuisine and a craft beer scene.  But if you don’t want to just EAT on your honeymoon, you can ski in the morning and hit the beach in the afternoon.  You can mountain bike, hike, kayak and explore the gardens, parks and rain forests in and around the city.  In the winter months, you’re minutes away from the snow peaked mountains.  Take a ferry to Victoria Island and spend some time in the famous  Butchart Gardens, hike in Goldstream Provincial park or do some wine tastings as some local vineyards.

Iceland– is a hot honeymoon destination all year round.  We have clients traveling during the summer and we’re working on some winter honeymoons as well.  For honeymooners that are seeking an out of the ordinary honeymoon vacation, filled with unsurpassed natural beauty.   Iceland offers an amazing assortment of experiences from kayaking through fjords, glacier walking in summer or winter, Super Jeep excursions to take in the magnificent waterfalls and geysers, a romantic nature baths in mineral hot springs combined with in-water massages and other health treatments, lava and black sand beach horseback riding tours, snorkeling, caving and so much more!    For romantic couples seeking a bonding experience with unique activities, Iceland will not disappoint.

Bermuda– Just 2 hours from NYC, the mosquito that carries the Zika virus is not present in Bermuda.   With pink sand beaches, beautiful scenery,  friendly people, great golf, scuba diving and water sports, Bermuda is a wonderful late spring, summer and fall destination.  For spa and golf enthusiasts, the winter weather in Bermuda is mild and great for golf and explorations.

Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon

Hawaii– what can I say about Hawaii that I haven’t already.  IMHO, it is the perfect honeymoon destination with a mix of beaches, relaxation, activities, excursions and so much more.   The scenery is picture postcard perfect.  The food is an epicurean delight and you can combine culture, adventure, romance and relaxation all in one place (or multiple islands- if you have the time)

Next week, we’ll touch upon some other Zika Free honeymoon destinations.

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