My Vacation Lady  interviewed the tourist board representative from Trinidad and Tobago a few weeks ago at a travel conference.  We’re always looking for some interesting new honeymoon destinations to introduce our clients to and was excited to learn more about these sister islands.

What makes your destination such a great honeymoon destination?

Maracas Bay, Trinidad

Maracas Bay, Trinidad

Trinidad & Tobago are ideal for honeymoons as they offer two very different experiences in one destination.  The two islands have very different attributes and so are able to satisfy many desires.  Trinidad is vibrant and energetic with a lively nightlife and spectacular dining while offering a robust eco-adventure experienced.  Tobago is calm and serene, with dozens of beaches and coves where you can be the only ones on the beach and small, intimate accommodations tailor-made for honeymoons.

What is the best time of year to go?

Trinidad & Tobago are located outside the Hurricane Belt and have a constant year-round temperature in the mid-70s-mid-80s therefore the best time to visit will largely depend on what you want to do and the experiences you want to take home….  For example, if you want to experience “The Greatest Show on Earth” you come during Carnival, which is a moveable festival which falls in mid Feb-early Mar, or to see the majestic Leatherback Turtles, Nesting season is Mar-Sep or come and experience all or part of Tobago’s Annual Jazz Festival which a 10-day extravaganza of music which is held the last two weekends in April.

Year round both islands have a wealth of flora and fauna to explore with spectacular tropical rain forests and stunning beaches on both islands.  And below the water, Tobago has some of the most spectacular diving in the Caribbean with dives for all experience levels from Beginner to Experienced.

What do you think is the perfect length to stay in your destination?

waterfall-tourism-development-company-of-trinidad-tobagoWe always recommend spending time in both islands due to the very different experiences each island can provide. Guests typically spend 5-7 day but this varies greatly at different times of the year and based on interest.  Visitors to Trinidad & Tobago interested in the nearly 500 species of birds, will stay for 10-days; avid divers stay a minimum of 7-days, revelers for Carnival will either come for 5-days for the Carnival and “Cool Down” or two weeks for Panorama, the steel pan competition which precedes Carnival and all the parties (we call them “fetes”) leading up to the two days of Carnival.


What type of unique resorts or accommodations makes your destination so great for honeymooners?

Right now, you won’t find 5 star luxury all inclusive resorts as you would in other islands in the Caribbean but rumor has it that Sandals will be breaking ground soon in Tobago!  You’ll find more of the beach front resort properties in Tobago.  Some of the properties in Trinidad are a bit larger, located in Port of Spain and may be some hotel brand  names that you know.  Others will be smaller and locally owned properties.    The properties Tobago are mostly 3-4 star smaller hotels and villa type properties.  The more well known hotel brands will be in Trinidad.

What are some must see/must do/must experience for honeymooners?


Maracas Bay (where Shark & Bake delicacy can be found!)

Caroni Bird Sanctuary (home of the Scarlet Ibis)

Panyard Evening (hear steel pan, only acoustic instrument invented in 20th Century played where it was invented

Temple in the Sea, Dattatreya Temple and Hanuman Murti


Oldest protected Rainforest in the Western Hemisphere

Largest Brain Coral every found (16ft across!)

Nylon Pool

Bucco Reef

Goat Races (at Easter time!)

What would be YOUR idea of a perfect honeymoon itinerary in your destination for a combination of romance and a bit of excursions/activities/siteseeing?

Arrival and transfer to Tobago for 4-5 days.

Staying at Magdalena Grand, the most complete resort on the island, The Villas at Stonehaven, where each villa has its own plunge pool with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea or Bacolet Beach, a charming boutique hotel with its own private cove

Tours would include:

Pigeon Point

Pigeon Point

  • Day on catamaran with lunch and return at sunset,
  • Rainforest Trip to Argyle Waterfall to swim in waterfall and river pools, followed by lunch in Gemma’s Tree House
  • Day at Pigeon Point to stand up paddle board or kayak out to the Nylon Pool or night time paddle out to the bioluminescent bay
  • Evenings spent at several of the excellent restaurants like Sea Horse Inn, Kalina or La Tartaruga

Transfer to Trinidad for 2-3 days

Stay at Hilton, the oldest hotel in Trinidad which is called “upside down hotel” as the lobby is on the top of the hill overlooking The Queen’s Park Savannah and the city and the rooms are below and the spot for the most spectacular sunsets, Hyatt, one of the newest hotels in Trinidad, directly on the waterfront with excellent restaurants and service, or Coblentz Inn, a charming small hotel nestled in the St Ann valley, where each room is decorated in a different theme based on Trinidad’s history and culture.

scarlet-ibis-birds-tourism-development-company-of-trinidad-tobagoTours would include:

  • Trip to Maracas Bay beach, driving along the north coast road where the cliffs and lookouts are heart-stopping and “Shark and Bake” for lunch (Andrew Zimmerman claims was one of the best fish sandwiches he ever ate!)
  • Day spent exploring central area to see The Temple in the Sea, Dattatreya Temple and Yoga Centre and Hanuman Murti before heading to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary for the sunset trip out to see the Scarlet Ibis returning to roost.
  • Hike to Paria, Avocate or Maracas Waterfall for river swim and lunch
  • Evenings would be challenging to choose where to eat with all the choices
  • One night would have to include trip to a Panyard to hear steel pan orchestra of 100 pianists, playing 400 steel pan and others would include dancing at one of the various clubs in the city or live music concerts

If there was 1 tip that you can give a honeymoon couple about why they should pick your destination, what would it be?

Trinidad & Tobago are unique and authentic islands full of rich culture, amazing cuisine and spectacular and diverse activities.  The memories made will be magical and far beyond standard sun, sand, sea honeymoon.

My Vacation Lady is a top rated honeymoon specialist located in New Jersey and we go out of our way to design a honeymoon that is as unique as you are!

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Photo credits:  Tourism Development Company of Trinidad & Tobago