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My Vacation Lady recently received a honeymoon request for 3 nights each at 5 star luxury resorts in 2 islands in Hawaii, with ocean view rooms, car rental and flights from North Carolina.

The couple did some research and found that flights were about $1000 per person for the time they wanted to travel.  OK- a good start.  By asking some very preliminary questions, we also found out that that their total budget was $3000-4000 total.  So after we deduct the cost of airfare ($2000) from their total budget, they have $2000 left to spend.  When asked if they found what they were looking for in the price range that they wanted, we were told that they hadn’t but that was what they wanted.  Well, their budget might all them  to stay in 2-3 star hotels in Maui and Kauai for 3 nights each with the least expensive cars available.  What they wanted was coming out to over $6200 with decent flights.

champagne taste-beer budgetThis is what we call- champagne taste on a beer budget

What can you do when your vacation dreams exceed your budget?

So is there a way to get the client’s dream honeymoon closer to their budget?

Instead of spending 3 nights in 2 different islands, it would be less expensive to visit 1 island and stay in 1 resort for all 6 nights.

  • Instead of $1000 per person + the cost of inter-island flights, which would come to about $2300 total for both of them, the cost of the airfare from North Carolina to Maui is only about $1800 total.
  • Instead of leaving on a Sunday, the cost of the flights would go down to under $1400 total if they left on Monday.
  • They had mentioned a 5 star hotel in Maui that they wanted but IF they switched to another 5 star resort (that we tend to like better), they are offering a 6th night free and daily breakfast!  So an oceanview room in the resort that we would suggest with breakfast, would be $600 less than the ocean view room at the hotel that they like.  By the way, the breakfast offered at our hotel is fabulous!
  • With a compact car for the entire honeymoon, the price is still over budget but now about $4600 instead of $6200+ for the original dates and hotel.
  • If they were ok with a partial ocean view room instead of an ocean view room at our resort with breakfast, we could save them another $200 and if they were ok with a mountain view room with breakfast, that would be even less.   Now we are just over $4100– so not far off their top budget but still more than they wanted to originally spend.

If they changed to a 4.5 star hotel for 6 nights in Maui, they could save some  more money as well.  

In a deluxe ocean view room with breakfast daily in the Ka’anapali area, with the same car and flights, the price would be around $4150.  A golf/mountain view with breakfast daily would bring the price down another $400 and for only $50 more they could get a Partial Oceanview room with breakfast daily.  For the Partial Ocean view room with breakfast daily, we were in the $3800 range.  Getting even lower.

We would typically suggest switching destinations to something closer and where it is less expensive to fly to but in this case, this couple wanted to avoid hurricanes and had no passports.

One thing that we always try to teach our clients is that a deal is only a deal, if it’s the right vacation for you.

My Vacation Lady is dedicated to helping our clients find the vacation that is right for them at a budget that they can live with.  We are not miracle workers but we are pretty darn good at what we do.  So if you are getting frustrated with what you want and what you want to pay, we may have some suggestions for you.