How to Plan a Girl’s Get Away?

What makes a girl’s getaway so special (and so much fun)?

It’s typically a time where women leave behind their families and escape to be with their girl friends– whether they are old school friends, or new friends that all enjoy the same things.


Remember the days when it was NO BOYS ALLOWED?  That’s kind of what a Girl’s Getaway is…. time to have fun without the responsibilities of your day to day lives.  You can talk about things you can’t talk about to your husband or boy friend, you can be relaxed and forget about live’s daily responsibilities.

What are the 5 top tips for planning a girl’s getaway?

  1. Pick a date far enough in advance for everyone to plan for child care, vacation time and save for the trip.
  2. Decide on a theme– beachy, Las Vegas, spa, wine tasting, history or culture or outdoor and adventure.
  3. Decide on how long you want to be away for?  Is is going to be a long weekend?  Can you do an extended vacation?
  4. Decide on a budget that everyone is comfortable with.
  5. Have 1 person be in charge of the planning and work with a travel agent who will be able to coordinate the details (whether it includes flying in from different cities to collecting payments)

My Vacation Lady helps many of our clients plan fun Girl’s Getaway vacations and we’ll be posting about more ideas for your next Escape from Reality!

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