My Vacation Lady has been helping thousands of engaged couples plan their dream honeymoons for years and we’ve been asked for many, many different types of honeymoons.  Recently, we’ve been helping our clients plan multiple destination honeymoons.  I’m not talking 2 or 3 islands in Hawaii or Tahiti or multiple cities in Italy, Greece, Bali or Thailand- but rather multiple country honeymoons.

Anthony and Alexa's view during breakfast in the Amalfi Coast and Santorini

Anthony and Alexa’s view during breakfast in the Amalfi Coast and Santorini

Some of the most recent multiple destination honeymoons we’ve planned for our clients have been St Martin and Anguilla, Hawaii and Japan, Spain and the Canary Islands, Ireland and Italy, England and France, Scotland and Ireland and Italy and Greece.  None of these were tours— all were customized around our clients dreams and budgets.

For 2017, due to some great flights on Emirates Airlines, we’ve planned out honeymoons to Dubai and Thailand and Dubai and Bali for our honeymooners.   With Emirates flights heading to Asia, it makes combining Dubai with many honeymoon destinations in Asia.  Marc and Vanessa are combining 2 nights in Dubai with Chiang Mai and Phuket in Thailand.  Chris and Lauren are spending 5 nights in Dubai before heading to Bali for the mountains and beach.

Some of these sound super expensive but not all of them need to be.

 How about these more budget friendly multi destination honeymoon ideas:

  • New York City and a cruise to Bermuda or the Caribbean.  What a fun way to spend 10-14 days!  Start off with a whirlwind of fun, food and action in New York before heading to the cruise pier to board your cruise to Bermuda or down to the Caribbean!
  • San Francisco/Napa and Cancun or the Riviera Maya- With nonstop flights from San Francisco and Cancun on United, while it may seem to be a round about way of traveling,  a few days in the Napa wine country followed by an all inclusive beach resort may work for wine and beach afficionados.
  • San Francisco/Napa and Cabo- There are even more nonstop flights from San Francisco to Cabo so again another great combination for wine and beach lovers.
  • Napa and Hawaii- We’ve been asked for quite a bit of Napa and Hawaii combinations.  With easy nonstop flights to each of the Hawaiian Islands from San Francisco, a stop in wine country before continuing on to Hawaii is also a great honeymoon combination.
  • South Beach or Key West and a Caribbean Cruise- So many cruises leave out to the Miami or Fort Lauderdale cruise piers that flying down a few days early and staying in South Beach or driving out to Key West, might be an easy combination for honeymooners with a shorter time frame.  You can combine a 4 or 5 night cruise with 2 or 3 nights in South Beach or Key West for a 1 week honeymoon.
  • Vancouver and an Alaskan Cruise- Talking about cruising, if you are looking for a cruise to Alaska, start with a few days in Vancouver and check out the food and craft beer scene.  With stunning parks and natural beauty, Vancouver is a great city for a few nights before your cruise.

When it comes to multi destination honeymoons, you are only limited by the flights between the cities.  My Vacation Lady can help single or multiple destination honeymoons to fit your dreams and budget, so contact us for more info.   We are in a small group of  top rated honeymoon specialists according to the couples on Wedding Wire.   When is comes to your honeymoon, don’t you deserve the best?