You found a great deal on your next flight!  That’s wonderful news.  Did you book the new and more limited BASIC economy seats or the regular economy seats?

What are these cheaper basic economy seats?

Delta introduced them last year and now United is introducing them starting in January.  They may be less money but they also come with more restrictions.  Let’s take a look at some of the restrictions

With Delta

Basic Economy is a value fare without features such as advance seat selection or the ability to change or refund the ticket once it’s purchased.  Basic Economy gives the most price-driven customer additional options for their travel.

What does this mean in English?

  1. You’ll probably be stuck in a middle seat.
  2. You can’t upgrade to the extra legroom seats, even if you want to pay for it.
  3. You can’t change or get a refund for the ticket once it’s purchased.

United has decided to copy Delta with their basic economy seats but have taken it a step further – limits on carry on bags!

While Basic Economy fares have some important, additional restrictions compared to standard Economy fares, customers will enjoy the same United Economy® cabin experience and services, including dining options, Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment. However, the following differences do apply:

  • Automated seat assignments will be given at check-in, and passengers acknowledge at the point of a multi-seat purchase that seating together is not guaranteed.
  • Carry-on bags are limited to one personal item, unless the customer is a MileagePlus® Premier® member, primary cardmember of a qualifying MileagePlus credit card, or Star AllianceTM Gold member.
  • There will be no voluntary ticket changes except as stated in the United 24-hour flexible booking policy.
  • MileagePlus program members will earn redeemable award miles; however they will not earn Premier qualifying credit (miles, segments, or dollars), no lifetime miles, and no contribution to four segment minimum.
  • Customers will not be eligible for Economy Plus® or premium cabin upgrades.
  • Customers will board in the last boarding group (currently Group 5) unless a MileagePlus Premier member, primary cardmember of a qualifying MileagePlus credit card, or Star Alliance Gold member.
  • No combinability with regular Economy fares or partner carriers. Interline travel is not permitted.

So what does this mean if you purchase these tickets?

  1. Again, you’ll probably be stuck in the middle seat and if you’re traveling with others, you may not have seats together or near each other.
  2. You will not be able to use the over head storage compartments (so don’t even consider bringing a large carry on)
  3. You’ll be boarding the plane in the last group

For a short flight this may be ok with you but imagine it on a long flight (like New York to Hong Kong)?

When My Vacation Lady books airline tickets for you, included in a package, we know to check to see if these are the basic economy or cheap seats.  Imagine  you’re beginning your honeymoon to Thailand.  Your flight is on Cathay Pacific (15 hours from JFK to Hong Kong) and then to Bangkok and you are in the CHEAP seats.

As we have said many, many times, a deal is only a good deal IF it’s the right deal for you!

Contact My Vacation Lady for help planning your next vacation or your dream honeymoon. Let us show you how our personalized service can make the difference in your vacation!