How can you have a happier vacation?

No, we’re not talking about a vacation to the happiest place on earth but rather to come back from your vacation happy.

My Vacation Lady can certainly agree that life can be stressful and one of our favorite things to say after a particularly stressful or long work day is, “I need a vacation.”   Does a great vacation actually make you come back to work less stressed, more productive and happier?

Everyone’s ideas of a great vacation can vary but the idea of having a STRESS FREE vacation can certainly make you happier.  According to a survey taken by “happiness expert” Shawn Achor of over 400 people, poorly planned and stressful vacations eliminated the positive benefits of the time away from your job.

So how can you have a happier vacation?  

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Pre book transportation, excursions and activities and read up on your destination in advance
  3. Make a local connection
  4. Get out of town

How can My Vacation Lady help you have a happier vacation?

  1. We make sure all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed so that you have a seamless vacation.
  2. We can pre-book many excursions, activities and experiences for you in advance so that you’re not disappointed that you can’t zipline on the day you want to go because it’s all sold out.  We’ll also give you information on your destination so that you know what there is to see and do.  Reading about your destination also makes the anticipation greater!
  3. On our last vacation to Barbados, we met a local taxi driver, Mr. Clarke.  We spend 3 days with Mr. Clarke— 2 of which were spent doing hotel inspections but while he was taking us around the island to different hotels, he made stops and took detours so that we could actually see Barbados.  On our last day with him, we hired him to do a full day island tour.  He planned it all out for us and it was completely stress free.  While this is different from a lot of our clients’ vacations, having a tour guide, private drivers or even a great concierge can really help give you a more in-depth flavor of your destination.
  4. Stay-cations were very popular during the most recent recession but staying home usually will mean doing chores, running errands and maybe having a day or 2 of fun.  A real vacation where you get out of town can relieve stress!

My Vacation Lady takes the personal approach to vacation and honeymoon planning.  We’ll listen to you.  We’ll ask questions so that we’ll be able to envision your vacation and honeymoon dreams and we’ll be able to customize a seamless and stress free vacation for you.  Contact us to find out more.