5 tips to help save money on your next flight

My Vacation Lady is not an expert on flights or airlines and we will always tell our clients that if we could do this job without ever having to deal with the airlines, we would be so much happier.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to get our clients to some exotic destinations (and some not so exotic destinations) without getting on a plane so we are stuck.


The airlines have changed some of the old strategies for saving money on flights (like buying them on Tuesdays after 3pm) so there are no longer any hard and fast or magic potion secret to how to save money on your next flight.

Here are some tips that may help you save money on flights:

  1. Open frequent flier accounts with the airlines you fly the most.  Although many have changed their loyalty programs to be based on the cost of a ticket rather than the actual miles flown, it can add up.
  2. If you fly the same airline frequently, get their credit card.  This will usually enable you to earn frequent flier miles on all purchases and may give you free checked luggage.
  3. Be flexible with dates,times and airports.  It might be less expensive to fly from JFK instead of Newark or taking a 7pm flight home from Miami after a cruise instead of the 1pm flight.  It might be better to fly on the day of a holiday rather than the day before or after.  Prices may drop drastically to tourist destinations in late August or September than they are in July and early August.
  4. Read the fine print— Delta, American and United are (or will be shortly) offering a “basic economy fare” which may look cheap but may have a lot of restrictions on it.  It’s kind of like a buyer beware– no changes, no seat assignments and you can’t pay to upgrade them.
  5. Follow the twitter accounts of the airlines that fly to the destinations that you are interested in traveling.  You can also sign up on fare tracking websites.  You might luck out and get notice of an advance sale before it ends.

My Vacation Lady can help you plan your dream vacation or honeymoon around the flights you buy yourselves, too.  So if you can save money on flights— do it, and we’ll help with the rest!

We take the personal approach to vacation and honeymoon planning!

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