If you have been keeping up with My Vacation Lady’s blog posts,  which come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you might notice that 2 of last week’s blog posts had to do with our recent cruise to Cuba on the Fathom Adonia.  Today’s blog is more about my experience AFTER we returned from our cruise to Cuba with a water color painting that we had purchased.

When we were younger and had many more walls to fill, we would always come home with a piece of artwork from places we traveled.  In recent years, our walls are full and we really didn’t need any artwork, until we saw the colorful pictures from Cuba.  We were looking at some small pieces from vendors in Havana and nothing knocked my socks off.  We did see a couple of things we liked but by the time we got back from lunch, the vendor was gone.  We thought that it wasn’t meant to be.

Walking back to the ship, a few canvases caught our eye.  One in particular would be a good size for over our living room couch.  The starting price was 50 CUC (remember- 2 currencies in Cuba) which was about $50 US.  With a bit of negotiating, we purchased the canvas for 30 CUS’s.  We were thrilled- $30 for a large painting that really depicted Havana.  Since I’m not a DIY kind of person, I thought framing this picture would run about $300.  It had been a while since we framed a picture last but I thought that $300 was a good estimate.

Fast forward 2 weeks and we go into Michael’s, a popular arts and crafts store with a custom framing department.  Thomas is our Framing Specialist.  We unrolled the canvas and Thomas spread it out on the counter and was looking at it carefully.  The first thing I said was that I wanted a black frame and a mat to match one of the lighter colors in the painting.  I didn’t think Thomas listened to me at all when he took out 2 multi hued brown-ish wood frames.  He asked what color the wall in the room was and then proceeded to take out some mats.  None were anything that I was asking for.  Why was Thomas doing this?

When asked why Thomas was taking out frames that weren’t what I asked for, he said that when he looked at the picture, he saw how vibrant the color were and how much it reflected the vibrancy of Havana.  He then took out black frames and the color matting that I asked for.   Guess what looked better?  You guessed it- what Thomas had picked out.

cuba-picture-framedLittle did I know that the counter had a camera over it and within minutes, he had a color image of what the picture would look like framed in his choice against a background that was similar to my wall color.  SOLD.  I didn’t even ask the price.  When we did ask the price, my mouth fell open a bit (closer to $600 than $300).  He went over everything he included and we did take out an extra decorative matting.  Final price ended up at just about $400.

Why is My Vacation Lady talking about a picture framing experience?  Because of how it related to purchasing a vacation and how our team of  honeymoon and vacation specialists can create something you never considered but now realize, that it was exactly what you wanted but could only dream about.

The team of My Vacation Lady’s honeymoon and vacation specialists have the ability to use their skills and experience to customize an experience for our clients that can be beyond expectations.

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