Travel Agent Review of the Fathom Adonia- Part 2

Mr and Mrs. My Vacation Lady had the opportunity to sail on the Fathom Adonia to Cuba on Oct 2, 2016.  This is part 2 and will be devoted to the ship itself.

Fathom is a new cruise line and they currently have 1 ship- the Adonia.   While Fathom is a new cruise line, the Adonia is not a new ship.  It was actually a ship that belonged to the Renaissance Cruise line and most recently, P&O Cruise Line.

Fathom in Cienfuegos

Fathom in Cienfuegos

So here are some facts about the ship:

  • The ship is small by today’s standards (about 30,000 tons) which gives it a lot of advantages when it comes to sailing to Cuba—- it’s small enough to dock right at the cruise pier.
  • It only carries a bit over 700 passengers so it’s smaller and more intimate than the behemoth ships that are very popular these days.
  • There are 373 crew members so about 1 crew member for every 2 passengers
  • It originally came into service in 2001 but was refurbished when Fathom was created and started sailing in April 2016
  • There are 4 dining options- the main dining room (Pacific Restaurant), the Ocean Grill (specialty restaurant at an additional fee), the Lido grill and the Conservatory (buffet).  The only restaurant that required reservations is the Ocean Grill.  All others are open seating.


  • There are suites, balcony cabins, ocean view and inside cabins.   We stayed in a balcony cabin and found it to be adequate in size, enough drawer and closet space and we really enjoyed the balcony.





The pool area is small but what cruise ship’s pool is huge?  It never felt crowded and we were able to find lounge chairs easily.

Everyone always asks about the FOOD—-



We really enjoyed it.  Ask Mr. My Vacation Lady who sampled 2 of everything in the dining room for dinners!  The food has a bit of a Cuban and Dominican flair.  For dinner, there was always a fish (local to the area), beef, chicken, pork, lamb and vegetarian dish.  There were multiple choices in appetizers and desserts.  Since I eat gluten free, every night I was able to pre-order the next night’s meal and it would be de-gluten-ized for me.

We preferred the main dining room to the buffet for breakfast.  The buffet was adequate but I’m not a fan of buffets.  The choices were fine, the food was good but not the best— again, it’s a buffet.  Their Lido deck jerk chicken was tasty and the Cuba BBQ was very good.

Bars, Lounges and Entertainment

We had a couple of favorite spots to hang out for an evening cocktail or just a place to relax.


One was the Glass House (wine and tapas) and the other was the Crow’s Nest Lounge (all the way at the top and a great place to see the sights as we were sailing by).  Anderson’s is the piano bar and full of old world charm.


We touched upon this in Part 1.  This is not a party ship.  There is no casino, no Broadway style shows, no club that stays open until the last person leaves.

Every evening there was a movie shown in the Curzon Lounge.  There were history lectures, talks about our next port of call, health and wellness programs, wine and paint classes and cocktail making classes.  There is a library with lots of books and games.  The spa and fitness center are other amenities.

All in all, this ship is about the destination and not the ship itself.

What makes Fathom a GREAT option to experience Cuba?

  • This is a first class cruise ship with all of the amenities that you have come to expect when you travel- like Air Conditioning!!!  (That’s right- not all of the hotels have those modern amenities).
  • Fathom takes care of everything for you- the Visa, the excursions, dining and more.
  • The tour buses were comfortable air conditioned coaches.  The guides all spoke English and they had cold water on hand.
  • The full day tours included lunch so we didn’t have to worry about where we were eating and if it was going to be safe.
  • You don’t need to pack and unpack.
  • You can relax by the pool rather than sitting in a bus for hours getting from one city to another.
  • It’s only going to get better!  Based on client and travel agent feedback, the staff at Fathom is working hard to add new excursions, programs and activities to the current offerings.

Who would My Vacation Lady recommend the Fathom Adonia to Cuba to?

Again, this is a cultural cruise.  The destination is the main focus.  This is a bucket list cruise- a trip of a lifetime!

If you love art, history, culture, Cuban cigars and rum, and meeting people, a cruise to Cuba on the Fathom Adonia would be perfect.

If you are only interested in waterslides on the ship, games around the pool and comedy clubs on board, this may not be the right fit for you.

Let My Vacation Lady give you more info and advice on if you and your groups would appreciate a cruise on the Fathom Adonia to Cuba or to the Dominican Republic.  This is a whole new type of cruising!





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