Travel professionals vs. DIY vacations

We’ve had some weather issues recently around the country and one of the reasons why My Vacation Lady’s clients are so happy is that they know that we are watching out for them.

Just a couple of recent examples:

Mitch and Jane were headed to Costa Rica on Saturday and with the anticipated storm, we got them out Thursday night instead. They’ll spend 2 nites in a hotel in San Jose with a coffee plantation tour before heading up to their original itinerary in Arenal and the Cloud Forest. Just another example of how booking with My Vacation Lady can make a difference in your vacation experience.

Jane  was so appreciative of our efforts.  She must have been talking to her daughter (also a client) who sent me this email:

 “Also my mom can’t stop raving about all the work you put in for their trip yesterday. She was like I don’t understand why not everybody would use a travel agent! “

We also had 2 sets of honeymooners in Hawaii both returning this weekend.

In the middle of the week, Mike checked in with me to see if they needed to do anything regarding their return flight and the anticipate storm.  No— they were landing on Friday afternoon, so no problem there.

Well, Mark and Ava were another story.  Their flight from Honolulu back to JFK was anticipated to leave Friday nite and get back to NYC on Saturday morning— right in the middle of the strong winds and snow.   After a few calls and texts, they are getting to spend one extra night in paradise and coming home after the storm.

We were able to take care of our clients by watching out for them and making sure that their vacations weren’t ruined because of the weather.   If you book with an online travel agency or do it yourself, guess who will be making all of those changes—- YOU!

My Vacation Lady is an award winning travel agency specializing in personalized service.   We’ll make sure that your vacations are stress free and we’ll be watching out for you even during your vacation.  Contact us, if this is the kind of service you want.




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