Why does My Vacation Lady ask so many questions before and during your honeymoon consultation?

We recently received an email from Mary who found My Vacation Lady on one of the wedding websites where we are the highest rated travel agency.  Mary said that she knew that they wanted Tahiti and we set up a consultation.

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The consultation is one that is unique, web based and interactive and can take about an hour.  It is completely designed about getting to know our honeymoon clients, both individually and as a couple.  But before we invest that time getting to know you so that we can envision your honeymoon dreams, we do ask that you invest 7-10 minutes of your time, filling out our Honeymoon Get To Know You Form.  It does look intimidating– 2 pages of questions, like your names, dates of birth, address, contact info.  It asks for some personal stuff– how long you are dating, are you living together, what you do for a living, and a bit about your wedding.  It then gets into the meat and potatoes of the form— where you have been together, what you liked and disliked and the same for your travels without each other.   This is background info that proves invaluable to me, as a honeymoon specialist, in getting to know your travel preferences more.

Well, Mary had some questions about why she had to fill out a form.

As far as the form, not sure it’s needed. We both did some leg work and decided that Tahiti is where we want.
We want to go to 2 islands there, definitely Bora Bora in an OW bungalow and then either Moorea or Tahiti mainland. We weren’t sure if the mainland is safe/clean etc., which is what we wanted your opinion on. We want to relax, but would enjoy the downtown,shops,shoes,jeep/ATV tours that the mainland has.
We can discuss the specifics, but we are pretty set on this location 🙂
I’m not even sure that Mary even looked at our Honeymoon Get to Know You Form but “My fiancé and I don’t quite understand the purpose of the form” and decided to pass on the consultation.  I wished them the best of luck.   They will probably look for another travel agent who isn’t going to ask about the kind of experiences that they are dreaming of but rather will just look at this as an easy sale, because they know what they want (or think they do).

This is a blog posted about 10 months ago.  It still holds true.

My Vacation Lady hasn’t gotten to be the top rated honeymoon specialist located in NJ on both Wedding Wire or the Knot by being average.  We won’t just book a trip– we’ll help design your honeymoon experience.

If you want your honeymoon to be special– contact us.  You’ll be glad you did.



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