Not an April Fools Joke- we can’t make these up….

Along with most travel professionals, My Vacation Lady gets some strange travel related questions and requests from people.  Some are just so funny, that they stick out in our minds.

Thanks to my colleagues for sharing some of their funniest stories: 

  • Some years ago, a large group of hearing impaired clients were flying to Hawaii. The flight attendants came around to them trying to sell them headsets to listen to the movie but wondered why no one was buying.
  • Years ago when booking an airline ticket and asked the lady what kind of seat she’d like and she replied, “Not near a window! When people open the window, my hair just gets all messed up.”
  • One client insist he wanted to take his own car to Hawaii but stated he had a friend who recently did it. Apparently at one time you could drive as far as California then put your vehicle on “the ferry.”  I began to wonder if I was missing something when one day I noticed in Budget Hawaii’s rental agreement rules, “cars may not be driven out of the State of Hawaii.”
  • “We’ll do Spain and then drive over to Morocco!” said the client  “Um, okay. but I don’t think they will have released the James Bond Submersible car by then.” said the travel professional   “Isn’t there a bridge?”  client again.
  • How about the client that wants an ocean view room at Disney World, because Florida is so skinny, you must be able to see the ocean!
  • a client asked for a long weekend cruise to Hawaii…from Florida!
  • Regarding a flight from Cabo San Lucas to Newark:  “…it says I’ll be leaving at 1:50 pm and returning home at 9:15 pm but the flight is only supposed to be about 5 1/2 hours. That’s more than that not sure if there was an error or is there a different flight we have to catch not sure….”
  • “I want to take Amtrak to Puerto Rico.  I didn’t ask if they had their scuba gear ready.
  • My wife had a call for a group last week to Hawaii. During the conversation she asked them which Hawaiian Islands they would like to visit.    Answer:   Hawaii and Nassau
  • An Amtrak employee that told me she was going to get to Puerto Rico for the cruise for free because she had a train pass.
  • The lady that told me she was going to drive to Hawaii. I guess they build a very long bridge.
  • The woman from Denver that wanted to do a Panama Canal cruise but it had to actually leave from Denver.
  • I had a hairdresser client one time who was given a trip to Australia by one of her suppliers (who was my client and Australian). He paid for the entire trip, but in a conversation with her I was trying to get the pertinent info for her Australian visa. She totally blew up on me, wouldn’t listen and was yelling at me that she had a MasterCard that would work anywhere in the world.

Every travel professional has a couple that really stand out in our minds as being funny.  Next time you go on a cruise, I’m sure the cruise director will entertain you with some funny questions that they get from passengers.  Some of the best cruise related ones are:

  • Does this elevator go to the front of the ship?
  • If I get an ocean view room, will the carpet get wet if a wave comes up?
  • Why does the toilet water go the wrong way?

Happy Funny Friday and Happy April Fools Day!

Some of these questions are really funny and some outrageously funny (at least to travel professionals 🙂 but planning your vacation or honeymoon is very serious business to My Vacation Lady.  When you’re spending your hard earned money on your dream vacation or honeymoon, you deserve our personalized approach to designing a vacation that will create lasting memories.  Give us a call to talk about your next vacation or your dream honeymoon!


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