My Vacation Lady has a new part time assistant and travel agent trainee, Rose, and we asked her to let us know what her idea of a luxury family vacation may look like.

What does Luxury on a Family Vacation Look Like?

As a 30 something Mom of two, energetic little boys (7 and 2) the word Luxury has changed over the years.

Jillian and Sebastian in their private plunge pool

Prior to kids, luxury meant the royal treatment, definitely zero kids!  We wanted , all – inclusive , butler type service, my own private pool.  Wait on me hand and foot, and seriously no splashing me while I gently float in to my own day dream, in the pool.  Living by the seat of our pants, tours today? Maybe , maybe not, breakfast in bed, room service or a romantic dinner on the beach.   Drinks , drinks and more drinks, not a care in the world kind of vacation, as the only person we were responsible for was ourselves.  Our trips could be a structured or as free as we pleased and all we really cared about was the upscale treatment , pampering and downright spoiling we didn’t get on a normal basis.

Now, two kids later and they are finally at a good age to start traveling and maybe have a little relaxation.   Luxury with two kids takes some planning.   We never used to plan all of our excursions or must see sights prior to kids.   Now planning is everything.   Luxury is possible it just looks a little different to parents on a family resort.   The key to traveling with little ones is to plan your vacation to a family friendly resort with…. Kid clubs and be sure your kids are old enough to participate in the fun!


My 7 yr old had a blast in the explorer club at Dreams Riviera Cancun.  Structured activities and fun all day and evening long!  He made friends from all over the world.   Now our 2 yr old didn’t make the cut for the explorer club but let’s face it one less kiddo to entertain is a big plus.  The wait staff kept our drinks full and there were great kid friendly pools that didn’t feel like I was at the splash ground at a waterpark.   It  was calm and quiet for the most part (all the big kids were having a blast with supervised, super fun activities all day in the kid’s club).   I did get to float with my little guy and have some fun too.  By the end of every night we strolled both sleeping (they even fell asleep at dinner twice!) through the resort to enjoy some cocktails or listen to the ocean.  All the activities exhausted those super happy, energetic kids.

Most resorts offer babysitting services in your room with trained, certified sitters.  All so you can sneak away for some much-needed adult time.    We did take advantage of this service twice on our trip so that we could enjoy world class pampering,  spa treatments one evening. The second evening to have a romantic dinner at the adults only restaurant on the resort.   Yes, I said it! Adults only restaurant on site!  We had a completely kid free dinner and it was amazing.   To a parent, a dinner completely free of children (as much as we love them) is PURE Luxury!  Both time the kids were fast asleep and the sitter had an easy job and we didn’t feel guilty as parents leaving them.

Luxury is now a word that describes fun, relaxation and a bit of pampering for both my kids and us parents.  We want to make amazing memories with our boys and have a little adult time too.  There are so many family resorts and destinations now that it’s become pretty easy to please the entire family and fully enjoy the luxury they offer.

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