Seems an odd title for one of My Vacation Lady’s blog posts, isn’t it?

Well, this is something we heard of from a travel colleague a while back and then just again last week.  Don’t use hand or body lotion or muscle relaxing creams before going through the airport security.

Some lotions contain glycerin, which is a common ingredient in explosives.   Some  muscle relaxing creams may contain a compound called ammonium nitrate that is used as a buffering agent in lotions and cosmetics, but it is also commonly used in fertilizer (the kind that terrorists have used to make bombs).

We’ve heard that lotions that you might take from the hotels use these ingredients more than the lotions you may buy at home.

The explosive trace detection system at the TSA is very sensitive and will be able to detect even the slightest presence of explosives on a passenger’s body or luggage.  Since it is so sensitive, the use of lotion before going through security can cause a false positive reading.  Passengers have been pulled off the lines to go through a second screening- hand swabbing.

It can be terrifying if you are pulled over, especially in a foreign country.

Moral of the story, avoid lotions or wash your hands thoroughly before going through airport security.