My Vacation Lady doesn’t post anything on social media about politics and this one time, I’ll post something about keeping politics out of planning your vacation.

On Feb 10, while on the treadmill, I was watching the morning news and Peter Greenberg came on and said that the travel ban (blocking travelers from entering the US from 7 predominantly countries) was causing a massive drop in travel.  There was a 6.5% decline in the # of flight bookings coming to the US within the week after the ban was put in place.  He said that bookings are down 7% due to the travel ban.  He was also saying that this drop in bookings is now making a global buyer’s market in airline seats, hotel rates  and cruise ship fares that can reflect lower prices for the rest of the year.  Not sure who he is getting that info from about a buyer’s market in travel because we are not seeing it here at all.

That may be from online searches but My Vacation Lady is busier than we’ve ever been with sales exceeding the last couple of years.

mexico or snow

I posted a comment on a travel agent Facebook board to see if anyone else is seeing a slow down in requests and there were over 3 dozen posts from my colleagues disputing what was said in the news program.  We are all incredibly busy and haven’t seen any downturn in requests for vacations and honeymoons.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about US citizens not being able to visit Jamaica, take cruises, travel to Europe and more.  Please don’t let politics spoil your plan to take a vacation or honeymoon.  It’s business as usual here for the team of My Vacation Lady and if anything, we’ll continue to advise you to book now if you are looking for summer travel. If you are looking for last minute travel, to get out of the cold and snow, you may find very slim pickings.

We believe in the personal approach to vacation and honeymoon planning so why trust your vacation experience to an online website that doesn’t take the time to get to know you and your dreams.  Contact us to help plan your next vacation.

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