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Last week was a sad week for the family of My Vacation Lady.   We laid my mother in law to rest.  She fought a valiant fight trying to overcome a massive stroke but in the end, she couldn’t fight any more.  This was the woman known as Nana to my children.  This was the woman who kept my firstborn up all day so that he would sleep through the night.  This was the woman who stayed with our kids so that we could take a short vacation.

We had spoken about taking a family cruise with my mother in law and all of the kids but that never worked out.  That was one thing that we decided to do with our kids and (hopefully) grandchildren.  We want to great long term family memories.  We want to have time to relax with our kids and grandchildren rather than just visiting on family holidays and around a dining table.










A couple of years ago, we were heading home from Kauai and Mr My Vacation Lady and I were talking about how much we loved Hawaii.  We decided that for a very big birthday, we wanted to take our kids and grandchildren (we better have some by then 🙂 ) back to Hawaii.  While that may not be feasible with young children from the east coast, I wrote this blog post about 5 great vacation destinations for multi-generational family vacations.  Not one includes a theme park or amusement park.  It’s still in the plans.  My daughter still talks about it and it’s coming up in 6 years now.  Not as far away as it seemed back then.

As my friend Randee said years ago, after a health scare, “There is no luggage rack on a hearse.”

It’s time to make family memories.  Let us know how we can help you plan memorable vacations with your families.  


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