New Electronics Rules for all U.S. passengers

Last week, My Vacation Lady received an email from one of our ground services providers operating in the Caribbean and Mexico.

This was their message to us:

To all our clients, we just received this from one of our ground team management companies that handle the Caribbean and Mexico; We would like to inform you and your clients that starting July 19th, 2017, all flights departing to the USA will be subject to a secondary security screening of all electronics larger than a cell phone (laptops/ipads/tablets, etc). Please help us notify your clients they will be asked to remove all covers or casings from electronics prior to check-in. In addition, any electronic equipment in disrepair or broken screen will not be allowed to travel.  As always, our priority is to offer the best service, avoid any delays and make sure your clients arrive to the airport 3 hours prior to their flight as advised by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and CESAC (Specialized Forces for Airport Security and Civil Association).

We posted it on Facebook and on of our clients who was returning from Bermuda, responded:

Today was the first time we had to take our kindles/iPads/and even chargers and put them in a separate security bin!

Now there will be even more need for lots of plastic bins as you go through the TSA security check.  The TSA announced on July 26, 2017 that

it will now require passengers to remove all electronics larger than a cell phone from their carry-on bags and put them into separate bins when passing through security screenings at airports.

The policy has long applied to laptops but will now include iPads, tablets, and any other device that is larger than a mobile phone.

These regulations have been tested out in several airports already and now will apply to passengers traveling TO, FROM and WITHIN the US.

Read the full article from Travel+Leisure HERE 

Another good reason to get TSA pre check status or Global Entry.  Those passengers will not be subject to that extra scrutiny (at least in US airports).  Please do allow extra time to get through security as these new changes will slow things up even further, especially during the peak summer and holiday travel season.

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